Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Yas!!!!!
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  2. 0E897C31-9A3E-452C-AE77-EC5EEA1AC5B1.jpeg D4593C2B-8BAC-4B78-B507-070C1C3D1445.jpeg
    Offers today, an Octogone in Magnolia and a mini Halzan in Blue Brighton. And I only went in for sandals! :angel:
  3. I love blue Brighton so much!!! Did you take???
  4. Erm no I can message my SA tmrw. Thinking if I need it or not bec my Halzan regular is Saphir.
  5. Ahhh close in color....saphir is gorgeous.
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  6. Really beautiful!
  7. Offered a K28 gold ostrich with ghw. What to do?!?!?:panic:
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  8. Kelly 28 Au Galop indigo. :panic:
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  9. Please please take this!
  10. I almost fell off my chair when the SA showed up with a cellophane-wrapped box cos I wasn’t planning on spending $$ this soon in the new semester! But yes I did take it :angel: and it made my week lol. Have a wonderful wkd!
  11. Are some of us going to see this beautiful bag in person today? Inquiring minds want to know! Hugs
  12. Guess we’ll find out in a bit! :heart: Can’t wait to finally meet you and others!
  13. holy crap! :nuts:
  14. Omg! So beautiful!!! Big Congrats
  15. Please tell us you take it!!!! Love Kelly au Galop so much!!!