Share your 2018 bag offers!

  1. Well, I don’t know that there is a secret... about 70% of the ones that were in the bag when I first saw it were flat. Because they were flat, the “belly” of the birkin had no support and therefor sank and got slouchy. My SA simply replaces the pillows so the bag was sufficiently supported and magically it straightened up quite a lot in a few days time. I actually store my bags at home with triangle shapes pillows and I find that this works miracles on keeping bag shape!
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  2. Oh I know one will be yours soon! Words can’t explain how wonderful of a color malachite is!
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  4. Thanks for your answer and information. Enjoy that gorgeous bag!!!
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  5. Kelly Cut Noir PHW Swift...sadly turned it down as it doesn't fit my lifestyle well with two young kids. It was gorgeous though and I fear I may regret the decision.
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  6. This is a good sign, love!!! I think i’ll add Malachite on my wishlist again!
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  7. Yes!!! I blame @MYH for my obsession with this perfect green!!!
  8. Too funny :biggrin:
  9. LOL! She’s one of my green-spirations too! I can feel that you will be next!! Crossing my fingers!
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  10. I am sure they will have something similar for you when you are ready. I know that our home store has been getting the KC. It just has to be available when we happen to be there.
  11. Hi, any one know if "Sombrero Sellier Kelly 25 Rouge H" still offer at the boutique???
  12. Stunning! Sellier is my favorite. Congrats!
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  13. Oh, tough one! You know, they don't stay little for long. Mine turned double digits just last month and I think...
    why didn't I get that bag when I had the chance...oh ahem...I mean why do they grow so fast?! :angel:;)
  14. Capucine Constance with Hypnotic Enamel Buckle...beautiful but passed
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  15. I just got my dream bag ! Vert titien Ostrich B30 GHW ! Less blueish tone compared to malachite . So lucky ! I was being wanting an ostrich Birkin for half a year! Love