Sep.Saks EGC

  1. I was told by my SA that there would be another EGC in Sep, the last Thursday of Sep..?? Has anyone heard about it too?
  2. I heard it was a double points event instead
  3. That's what I heard also, but everyone here says no, that it's just double points. :shrugs:
  4. whats the double points all about?
  5. Per the flyer that I received, it says:

    SAKSFIRST members receive 2 base points plus 2 bonus points per eligible dollar spent from $1 to $4999, 4 base points plus 4 bonus points per eligible dollar spent from $5000 to $9999, and 6 base points plus 6 bonus points per eligible dollar spent therafter, based on your calendar year-to-date net purchases, for every dollar charged on purchases with the Saks Fifth Avenue MasterCard or the SAKSFIRST credit card at Saks stores, catalogs and at during this event. Sales tax, delivery charges , beauty salon products and services, restaurants, fur storage, alterations, gratuity, repairs, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th stores, Corporate Gifts and Gift Card purchases are not eligible for SAKSFIRST points. (WHEW!!:sweatdrop:)
  6. I had heard another EGC in September too, but then I was told no it's double points this week and then Friends and Family in October...So maybe November? Which would of COURSE be after the price hike...*sigh*
  7. Has anyone asked their Saks sa? It wouldn't surprise me if they waited until before the holidays.
  8. Why is EGC better than double points? I'm so confused about this stuff...
  9. My SA told me there is an EGC in October. Hopefully he is right, some of us might want to make a purchase before the dreaded increase.
  10. I guess I'll wait to get my black classic until then:smile:.
  11. I was told by my SA there would be one in October. *crosses fingers*
  12. For double points you need a Saks charge. For EGC any type of payment is acceptable.
  13. I read in a different thread, Jill posted that her SA told her that there's going to be an EGC in Oct.

    April, your little one looks so cute in that picture on your avatar....
  14. Yea, double points for Saks First card holders and EGC event will be in Nov.
  15. and Friends and Family in Oct.?? does that include J12s???