sensitive skin/acne- wanna brainstorm?

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  1. I am at my wits end with my 14 year old daughter's skin. When she turned 13 she started having minor breakouts and we are still fighting them. I have done everything I can think to do. We started with fairly non aggressive treatment- regular cleanser and toner with salicylic acid spot treatment. Nothing. Worked our way up over time to cleanser and toner with salicylic acid and benzoil peroxide spot treatments and medicated masks. It got worse so I figure okay, her skin is too sensitive for all of this. Worked our way back down in aggressiveness and to the point now of using products with gentle natural ingredients. During this time I also got her Everyday Minerals makeup. Still problems. Switched to Laura Mercier mineral makeup. Still problems. Switched to Bare Minerals- no change. I also buy her shampoo and conditioner free of sulfates after reading some people are super sensitive to that (even though I can't imagine much ends up on her face).

    Her T zone is covered with little tiny bumps. They are worse on her forehead (no bangs). I would think it was an allergic reaction but after trying so many things for over a year I just don't thing that's it. I'm really at a loss.

    She is super good with her skin care and cleans her face morning and night and keeps her brushes clean. She is so much better than I was at 14!

    So to all of the ladies with sensitive/acne prone skin- any advice? She has used every coceivable combination of Pevonia, PCA, Clinique, and Neutrogena.
    Here is everything she uses now:

    cleanser am: Caudalie cleansing water
    cleanser pm: Caudalie instant foaming cleanser or Boscia purifying cleansing gel
    makeup: Laura Mercier mmu, Bare Minerals mineral veil, Nars blush
    spot treatment: Caudalie purifying concentrate. She was also using a Bare Minerals spot treatment- can't remember the name.
    shampoo: Pureology

    Nothing seems to make her skin any better or any worse. No cysts, just tiny little bumps and lots of them. Please help me!:shrugs:
  2. Mario Badescu!!!!!! Check their website. I can't say enough good things about their products. Now mind you, I am 38, not 14 and she is dealing with hormones, but it's certainly worth a try. I had tons of breakouts before I started using their products. NOT ONE since I started using them. I had little bumps too. Bare Minerals made mine worse, but I've been fine using L'Oreal True Match.

    Especially the buffering lotion, drying cream and drying mask are AWESOME!
  3. supplementing with a few grams of vitamin B5 daily, has helped many people I know...
  4. Thank you- I'm willing to give anything a try at this point. Do you have sensitive skin?
  5. She takes a muti- I'll check how much B5 it has. Thanks!
  6. Yes, very sensitive. That's why I am so in love with MB products. They use very few ingredients (you'd be amazed to see a mask with only 5 ingredients...most drugstore brands have like 100) and even their acne products have soothing ingredients as well. I wish I knew about this when I was 14 (or 24 or 34, since I have broken out my WHOLE life).

    Good luck! I'd be interested to know if it works!
  7. my sister had the same thing when she was about your daughter's age.

    in combination with the acne washes/creams/cleaners, etc...her doctor said the sunlight really helps your skin. of course, if your daughter takes one of the meds that makes you sensitive to the sun, don't do this. just a suggestion.

    i also agree about the MB products!
  8. Murad acne complex has worked wonders on a lot of people I know. Also, you may want to try the aspirin mask just on the t zone.
  9. I looked at the site and I think I'm going to order some things. I'm still trying to figure out what though.:P I'm thinking about the acne repair kit (drying lotion, drying cream and buffering lotion) and a mask. I'm not sure that she needs the buffering lotion though since she doesn't have cystic acne. The healing cream sounds good too. I'm in between the drying mask and the healing and soothing mask. Do I sound like I'm overwhelming myself?:yes:

    Thanks to everyone for the advice!:smile:
  10. She's done aspirin masks in the past but maybe not with enough consistency.
  11. Okay, I have in my cart:
    drying lotion
    healing cream
    healing and soothing mask

    I picked the two healing items because her bumps get awfully red and inflamed looking for such tiny little things. How does this list look to the MB experts?
  12. This is probably going to sound nuts but oh well. I have always had great skin, maybe a breakout or two while I'm on my period but that's it. Want to know what I use to clean my face?... water. Whenever I wear make-up, I use Vaseline to get off my eye make-up, take a tissue and rub off the excess then use a wash cloth with warm water and wash my face.

    However, if I do use a face wash or put anything on my face besides my unscented lotion, my face breaks out horribly. I have sensitive skin but not majorly sensitive. If I use a face wash or moisturizer that is smelly my face will itch and itch and I have an allergic reaction.
  13. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is amazing. It'll work wonders. If all else fails though, I highly recommend the Erno Laszlo skin care line. Specifically the Beta Wash, because it's for acne. It'll most definently clear up her face.
  14. Well, the drying lotion is more for white head pimples, sounds like hers are small bumps.

    If I were you, I would get the:

    Acne Facial Cleanser
    Cucumber Lotion/Toner

    Buffering Lotion. You apply it before and after the Drying Mask.

    Drying Cream also, it is good to use in the morning under make-up. It has some concealing properties and doesn't over dry.

    But DEFINITELY the Buffering lotion and Drying Cream and Drying Mask. I could NEVER live without those products again!
  15. I would also get the:

    Oil Free Moisturizer and Healing Cream. I think if you're going to switch skin care regimens you should switch everything, KWIM?