Send in for repair? Gamble?

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  1. While I've loved Coach for years, I'm new here and have a queston.
    My Soho bag (purchased May, 2007) has a tear in the fabric, on one of the Cs.

    I showed the SA at my store last night.

    She told me she could send it in.
    BUT, I may get partial credit, full credit or a discount off my next bag.
    Um, I don't want to give up my bag for 30% off another one.
    Full credit, I suppose.
    But you don't know beforehand how they will remedy your bag's issue?
    Seems like such a gamble.
    I like the bag a lot...don't want to switch colors...would want the same bag or full credit only.

    The tear is not bad, but bound to get worse of course.
    What should I do?
    Can post a pic later tonight...
  2. I've never done this before, but don't you have a choice?? In other words, if they give you a discount, don't they also send your bag back? If so, then it's nothing lost. I would just send it in and wait the time (which I'm sure is "weeks")...and see. Worst case it's 30%, which is similar to the discount you get at the outlets with some current retail stock they get.

    Otherwise, you could see if there's a local repair place. Nordstrom will repair and clean bags for free if you are a good customer and/or purchased the bag from them. I had this done before, and was quite pleased at the results.
  3. I agree w/baglady39. turn it in, and wait and see what they will offer you.
  4. Nope.
    She said I wouldn't get it back (most likely) b/c it's unrepairable.
    So, I may get full credit, but I may get partial credit or I may get discount off a new bag. I don't think my bag is worth giving up for a discount on a new bag. Or am I crazy?
  5. I sent in a bag for repair & they gave me full refund. They said that they kept the bag for 30 days. I sort of inferred from that that I could turn down the offer, but maybe not.

  6. You know, as of late, CS has not impressed me in the slightest! A lot of times you get a diff. response with every diff. person. I cannot believe they would not release your bag back to you along with the coupon!!

    I was pretty sure I read on this forum that your get your bag back but may not get it repaired if they can't fix would just get something like a 40% off cert. Now, I was told that Dooney and Bourke does take the effect you are turning it in for a credit toward a new one. A lot of people do that with their old bags, and I hear they give you back usually what the bag originally cost?? I have not tried either company though. Posters that have experienced repair issues should chime in here, but if I were you, I would call another person at the 800-number and/or a boutique.
  7. I would send it in. If I were to keep a bag with a tear I would be afraid to use it, so that kind of defeats the point of keeping it. I think it is 40% off or full credit, but since it is not that old I would be surprised if they were to offer you only partial credit.

    Good luck deciding. :yes:
  8. I am assuming you purchased it at a full price retail store?
    If so just send it in to see if they can repair it or not. If they can't repair it, they will send your bag back to you with a coupon for a future purchase.
  9. I brought my Carly in yesterday for repair. It was ripping in the signature. They said it was unrepairable, looked to see if there was anymore, and since there was not gave me a credit on the spot to find something else! I guess it just depends on your SA.
  10. I'm panicking. I sent in my fall patchwork Carly with the peeling python and am worried, that not only will they keep my bag, but send me a 40% off coupon??? They better not, or I'm gonna flip out on them seriously!
  11. Anytime I have sent a bag in they have given me full credit when unrepairable and it always states that they will hold my bag for 30 days.. so if you wanted the bag back you could request it instead. Then they may offer you a discount also, not sure. Mine was not a tear, it was the stitching coming undone and fraying. HTH! :tup:
  12. I really kind of want the bag, since I have the matching shoes...argh! I was hoping they would send me a replacement WITHOUT the peeling python. IDK? However, when I took the bag in, the SA was like.."oh did you buy this at the outlet?" I was like, "uh nooo", which I didn't. Of course she was being kind of snarky about it. Now I'm worried I'm gonna get some 40% coupon. Pft! Do they ever send a replacement bag instead? I've never done a repair at Coach, and frankly, I'm not really fond of the Coach boutique here. Really, I want the bag, just not with the peeling python...
  13. Ugh! I hate hearing about this because its hard to make this kind of decision...

    Maybe take a credit if you're offered one and try to find your bag on ebay or somewhere!
  14. Actually the repair and warranty have nothing to do with if it was purchased at a full price retail store or not. :smile:
  15. Thanks fields. I bought my bag at Dillards, so...I guess we'll see what happens.