Selling (nearly) every other bag to fund Chanel...would you do it?

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  1. Hi all,
    I am hoping that someone's been in this position and can give me some advice...
    Since buying my first Chanel in 2013, I have really only bought (and worn) Chanel bags. However, I do own several other designer bags. Some see the light of day occasionally, but others get rarely get worn - namely, two LVs (Speedy and Alma), one Balenciaga (City), two Mulberrys (Latimer, Alexa), a Miu Miu (Bow Bag), a Celine (Mini Luggage) and a Mansur Gavriel (Mini Bucket).
    I am pretty sure that I am generally either holding on to many of these items because they are 'iconic' pieces (Speedy, Alma, City) or because I went through so much trouble to get them (Celine, Mansur Gavriel). I worry that I will regret letting them go as I either cannot re-purchase them or would need to pay a lot more to re-purchase them due to price increases.
    If I'm thinking practically, I know that I should sell all of these bags on consignment in order to fund a Mini and an Executive Tote and round out my fairly large Chanel collection. Frankly, I need to buy more work bags (like the Executive Tote) and not own so many 'off-duty' bags...
    What would you do? Help!
  2. Yes!
  3. I'm currently selling off all my older LV, Gucci & YSL bags to fund my Chanel addiction.
  4. If you're not using your bags then I say sell. No point in having them just to look at. But like you said, you need more work bags. Mini probably won't work?
  5. I hear you and have done the same, but the truth is you can always buy those bags back because they're not as pricey as Chanel. The good thing about Chanel is that you'll recoup most of your money if you ever had to especially with all the price increases. I have only ever regretted selling my Chanel bags not any other. I've actually regretted buying Celine because of their resale value.
  6. Once you start carrying Chanel you are addicted to only Chanel
  7. +1. I hardly look at other brand : )

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  8. yup! over the years, i've sold old coach, burberry, gucci, balenciaga, YSL, LV to fund my chanel bags. i have no regrets :smile:
  9. I recommend wearing each at least once to see if you can't start using/ enjoying them again. If you wear it again and it no longer pleases, start with one to consign and see how you feel. I wouldn't sell all of them at once in case you get seller's remorse. Just my two cents.
  10. +1

    agree. and since you use more work totes i'd probably consign your smaller, less-expensive bags first and keep rotating/using the others until you find a chanel that would replace them. what chanel would replace the alma? what chanel would replace the speedy? etc i'm sure some people use one brand 100% to the exclusion of others, but i think more women probably have a mixture of designers and keeping one or two of your other (higher-end) brands wouldn't hurt (ie alma/city).
  11. yes sell
  12. I would...some of the bags you mention are the progression most of us go through in our designer bag history. You start with a Speedy, it is cool for a very young person and much more affordable. Sounds to me it s time to clear house and purchase the bags you really want to carry as a more mature person.
  13. Thanks - yes, the Mini is definitely not a work bag, but I really adore the size in general. I am likely going to pick up one of the square minis in Act 2.
  14. Thank you - that's a good point. We all hate the price increases, but they do ensure that the bags hold their value if they're in good condition...
  15. I sold my Celine nano, Balenciaga town and LV Alma cuz they don't get to see the light.

    Yes I lost a bit on some of them but we all live and learn.

    Even not to find another purchase, I just hate to see my bags sitting there! They can always go to owners that will take them out!

    So I'd say sell!!!!!