seller demand feedback before refund. Help!!

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  1. I bought an item from eBay and the condition of the item is way off from the description. I contact the seller and the seller demanded a positive feedback when I didn't have a chance to send back the item and get my refund. The seller stated that she will only give me a refund if I give her a positive feedback right away even before getting my refund. What should i do? please help!!
  2. That sounds like bullying!

    How do you know she will give a refund once you leave feedback?

    The seller should give you refund first, THEN feedback shall be left.

    DO NOT let that seller bully u into leaving positive feedback.

    At least wait until you get your refund then leave a feedback. IMO, if she gives refund and everything is good after that, just leave positive feedback but state that the item was not in same condition as stated or something.

    Good luck!!
  3. Personally, I would open a SNAD claim and escalate it. Don't leave any feedback yet. However, the more experienced Ebayers may have different advise for you.
  4. The seller keep demand a feedback immediately, but I refused. After a long string of emails back and forth, the seller give in and will wait for once I got my refund. I never run into such seller who demand to have me lie on a feedback in order to have my refund.

    Thanks for all the advice. I was about to give in a leave a feedback even though that will be a lie.
  5. Did you pay for the item with paypal? If so, I would open a claim. Do not send the item back until paypal tells you to do so. Otherwise you can't prove that the item isn't as it was described in the auction.
  6. yes I paid with paypal. Thanks for the advice. I will file with paypal. thank you
  7. don't give in to this seller and i would personally would leave a neg saying how the seller tried to blackmail you
  8. You can also report her for feedback extortion.
  9. the seller is so horrible now. she told me to wait to get her address. but i found out that she just relist the item and wait for someone to buy it and will ask me to send that to the new buyer. I refused because I don't feel safe with that. I could loose the item and my money.

    I emailed her and she threaten me that I have no case and will never get my money back from paypal. I filed with paypal right away. Some nerve she has to blackmail me. This is a horrible seller yet
  10. no way! she can't ask you to do that, I would definately not do that. you need to prove the seller got the item back. what a piece of work this seller is. I believe you will definately win your paypal claim. make sure to save pics from her auction, before she takes them down. sorry you are being harrassed like this, hang in there, it will work out.
  11. Good gosh, what a horrible seller! Hope I never bid on anything of hers!
    You hang tough!
  12. what a crazy b.itch don't send the item and make sure you have all your pictures ...keep us updated
  13. Def. Report her to eBay
    This is against eBay policies and she can be suspended!
  14. nightmare seller! keep records of all her emails and her auction, and report her to ebay and paypal. sending good vibes to you!!
  15. Make sure you get the full refund first then neg her. If you're a buyer don't worry about a neg, sellers usually read buyers' negs and when they see that it wasn't your fault and you were bullied, they will trade with you.