Seeing the bags IRL changed my mind

  1. Hello all,

    I made the trip to Barney's today and was quite surprised with my findings. I think I saw most of the pre-F/W colors except rouille. I expected to love ocean, and while I thought it pretty, I realized that it was not for me. What color did I find most engaging? Steel. Go figure! I previously thought that I should go for a Bbag in a bright color, and perhaps I still might (if rouille is fabulous), but I really fell for the Steel. I think the moto style bag just looks really cool in a dark color like that. Problem: I wear a lot of brown. Maybe I could rock it in that "I know I don't match but I planned not to match" sort of way, but then there are those days when I wear completely normal, run-of-the mill clothing that might look silly with a Steel bag. Hmmm...

    So, any advice? How versatile is steel outside of the black/gray family? I'm not purchasing yet...want to see rouille photos from a fellow Pfer. Can't remember who it is, but someone ordered it.

    Thank you!
  2. I feel your pain! I haven't seen any of the new pre- fall colors yet, but I think I will really like steel. I wear alot of black in the Fall/Winter season. It is a long season here in the midwest so I seem to carry that bag/bags longer than spring/summer. I would have to say brown is the color I wear the most after black. How well will Steel match brown??? I'm not too convinced yet! Though from what I read and hear, Grey will be THE color for fall, so that kind of makes me want steel a little bit more like you even if it doesn't match everything. Do you happen to recall what colors there were in the day style. I am going to Chicago on Wed. and plan to go to 2 NM's and Barneys. I am sooo excited to see the colors in person. What made you not like Ocean as much? Did you see Olive and if so, what did you think of that? I thought that might go best with my browns and blacks. Sorry this is so long.....
  3. I have a steel city with RH and the color is soooo versatile! I wear a lot of brown as well and I think it matches (dark) browns really well! I even wear it with really light colors like cream and white. After all it is a dark gray and who says that you can only wear gray with black?? I say go for it. It´s a perfect neutral color IMO.
  4. Peppermintpatty: I don't remember seeing the Day style, but I could have overlooked it by accident as I was mainly focusing on City bags. They had Ocean in what may be the messenger. I thought that it was a nice blue, but I am looking for something a bit deeper in color. It looked lighter to me than the BalNYC photos of the Ocean Day.

    Olive would probably be pretty versatile. If it's what I think it was, then it looked like a really deep, fall color. It would be hard for me to categorize.

    Pelli: thanks for the input. Steel probably won't go with all of my clothes that well, but if I love it, then I just might get it. Who knows? Thanks for letting me know that it goes well with your deep brown clothing.
  5. ITA!!!
  6. I think steel is a gorgeous color and is meanwhile a great non-obvious neutral bag that goes with just about anything. Great choice, IMO.
  7. Steel is awesome!!
  8. I also have a steel city in RH, I just bought here during this trip to Vegas and I ADORE this color. I can't believe how versatile it is, I've been wearing it with everything I packed, creams, whites, brights, blacks, browns, you name it, it goes! I've already gotten tons of compliments, and I've only been here 3 days. I got it under a little duress (long story) but I haven't regretted it once!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I've already changed my mind about color three times, so I won't make a bold statement until I actually have purchased a bag! I do like the Steel color, though.
  10. Steel is a great color and I would consider it pretty neutral so I don't think it would clash with brown.
  11. I may have to take a run to Barney's to check it out.
  12. I've seen the rouille. It's fabulous! It would go with everything (except pink) - it's a really nice orange. It made me think of beautiful fall leaves. If you really had that in mind, wait for it. I think the steel is really nice too, just thought I'd make a plug for rouille.
  13. Oh it´s so great that you already got so many compliments on your bag within 3 days!! I don´t know what´s going on with people in Germany but I have mine for about 8 weeks already and nobody made a comment. In fact, nobody knows BAL bags here. I am a little disappointed I have to say....:cry:
  14. I saw an olive bag IRL because I was convinced it would be a great and versatile color. I even wanted to buy a bag in that color. After I saw it I wasn´t that sure anymore. Compared to olive I´d say that steel is a lot more versatile.

  15. Thank you! I just wish that I could see it in person. I really want to buy it myself from Barney's and take it home instead of sitting by the window waiting for it to be delivered!