Seeing any movies during this long weekend?

  1. I assume a few of you have Monday off, so, I am wondering if anyone is planning on watching any movies? I really love them (kind of my second vice next to purses), and saw "Tristan & Isolde" last night. Actually, I was hoping that the movie would be really cheesy (given the trailers for it) since I had a really long work week and needed something "fluffy", but surprisingly, the movie wasn't bad. Maybe I was just expecting the worse, but it was pretty painless to watch - even my boyfriend agreed.

    I hope to see either "Brokeback Mountain" or "Munich" at some point this weekend as well.
  2. I think I've already seen every movie that I've wanted to see that's out now. I loved Tristan and Isolde. I thought it would be kind of cheesy, but it really surprised me. Brokeback Mountain was very sad. It's probably the best movie I've watched this year. Munich was ok. I didn't like it too much, although everyone else did.
  3. I'm going to see Tristan & Isolde tommorrow! I love historical fiction! I loe the costumes!
  4. i really want to see syriana but i don't know if it's playing around here. said it was playing at the theater across town and my boyfriend and i went all the way over there and it wasn't :sad:

    i wanna see brokeback, too, but i'll never get him to see it with me, lol
  5. i want to see that!! i'm a sucker for love stories :lol:
  6. Munich was good! I want to see Tristan & Isolde and Hoodwinked!
  7. I don't have tomorrow off, unfortunately. I want to see both Munich and Brokeback Mountain. Maybe next weekend.
  8. Here in Italy there are no festivities during this week-end, but yesterday evening I went to the cinema to see 'Match Point' by Woody Allen. I liked it very much, but it shocked me at the same time: I didn't expect something so cynical and pessimistic from Allen :amazed:
  9. Well I suckered Vlad into going to see Casablanca his last night here- we laughed so much because the movie was just not good at all!!

    I loved loved loved Munich. It was so intense and gruesome, but an amazing movie I thought.
  10. We're not going to the theater, but hubby got his hands on a "screener" DVD of Capote which we watched last night and it was excellent!

    Another one here who loves the historical movies. I used to be involved in costuming for Renaissance Faires, and so can always spot the costumes that are horribly historically inaccurate. :P
  11. Heh. This movie sure makes the guys squirmy, doesn't it?
  12. I finally saw ''the producers'' the other day - but I really want to see '' BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN''.. has anyone seen it ??
  13. Yes it does...I am going to see it with a bunch of girlfriends. It's unfortunate because Ang Lee is a fabulous director! I've loved all of his movies (yes, even "Hulk") since I saw "Sense and Sensibility" years ago.