Secret Santa in Spring or Summer! Anyone?

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  1. Well everyone,
    I originally poasted a thread for a Birthday club and it sort of turned into a few of you wanting to do a secret santa. But since Dec. is such a long time away why wait:smile: ?? The idea is to surprise your secret with a little something special. Not knowing exactly how to do this, I definetely need more ideas. I will do my best to get this going. Let me know what you think. There are a few suggestions on my Birthday club poast. I think this would be lots of fun if we can work it out:biggrin: !!
  2. I think it would be awesome! Let me know..I would so love to do this..the cool thing is you can look at the posts that the person you get has written and get an idea of what they would like...this will be so cool if you can make it work!
  3. I think this could be a fun idea. I'm a knitter & there are a lot of knitting blogs where I've seen this done. I think they just call it the Secret Pal??

    Anyway, it's usually kitschy kind of things, but cute. Maybe candies that are native to the region they live in, lotions, stationery, cell phone charms, &c.

    I think they have a questionaire they give to the participants to ask things like allergies, things you totally DON'T like, Hello Kitty fan, what have you! :smile:
  4. I think its a good idea. We do something similar on the other forum I'm part of - Secret Santa and Secret Sister for birthdays. Of course, there's only 11 of us, so it makes it a lot easier.......:P
  5. Very nice :biggrin: I've seen this forum secret santa thing work out well, or also turn out horribly :lol: But if everyone makes the effort and actually holds up their end, it'll be great. I'm in!
  6. Count me in.

  7. im in for anything!!! :smile:
  8. Maybe it might be a good thing to try amazon wishlists?
    I mean there's tons of non-book things and I don't know about you but I enjoy reading about fashion, too (just bought a great book about LV and Japan).

    Either way, count me in! :biggrin:
  9. Hey all you girls that say "its a go", I will keep a list of your names and when we have a few more. I will try to figure out, who gets who, price range, when, and how exactly you girls would like to do this. Since I am responsible for giving everyone a secret. What about me! Help, I want to play too. Who will give me to someone as a secret?:smile:
  10. Oh yeah,
    girls, if your "in" please poast what you are into, what you like, and where to get it! Thanks!!
  11. My bf is a big cigar fan! He is part of a forum, and they send surprise bombs. Bombs are when someone sends you a bunch of different cigars as a surprise and you would do the same, its like a chain. No one can regulat if you do it or not but it is very customary and you get into the spirit. However!!! its a little harder to do with bags.
  12. Definetely! could you imagine opening a box full of LV's B-bags etc. in it. I really wish I could find a way to fund that type of surprise for everyone that wants to participate. It would be crazy to have a package delivered to your house and when you open it, it a purse you have been dyeing for! And believe me if I can think of a way to do this I will.:biggrin:
  13. I would like to participate! I've actually never heard of this done on a forum before; sounds like lots of fun! :biggrin:
    What will the price range be?
  14. ranskimmie,What about doing a Secret Bunny :biggrin:. Easter is just 45 days away.
    It's just a matter of getting an even number of gals to join in the fun so no one will be slighted.
    You could set a deadline for making the decision to join the fun, since some may live overseas and we know those can take longer to arrive.
    Once you've gathered everyones name & mailing address it's just a matter of passing along a members mailing info to one of the other members involved.
    If they feel odd giving out the real names we could just go with their username & mailing address instead.
    You may want to set a spending limit or just leave it up to the Secret Bunny ;) .

    Whatever you come up with I'd love to join in the fun :smile: .

    You may want to start a thread for the gals to list some of their favorite things other than purses of coarse ,that's a given around here :lol: .
  15. CAT,
    super awsome suggestion!! Secret Bunny it is! I am going to set a deadline for participants right now. Thank you so much for your suggestions. Im new at this I could use all of the help I can get;)