Seafood ?

  1. i love seafood, but i only like mild fish like grouper. i'll eat more or less any shell fish except clams or mussels. and i don't like scallops, they're to fibrous for me. but if i could live off of lobster, shrimp, grouper, and crab, i totally would.
  2. not too much into fish but love lobsters, crabs and shrimp.. oh yeah, i eat scallops too... but i do eat sushi.. if i have to eat fish, i like yellow tail and milk fish..
  3. It's funny! I've tried lobster over and over again. Trying to find something about it to like! Just can't do it. I much prefer crab over lobster any day.
  4. I :heart::heart::heart::heart: seafood. When I was in HI for vacation, I had seafood everyday. I felt like I was in seafood paradise :p
  5. i love seafood, esp shellfish, but i guess its expected...i live on the east coast
  6. i cannot live without seafood! i love fish, crabs, lobsters, abalones, name it, i'll most likely eat it!
  7. I live on the east coast too and love seafood. I'll eat pretty much anything except clams and salmon. Although the past couple times I had lobster I ended up getting pretty sick so I avoid it now - but it is probably one of my favorites!
  8. i think it's not so much the lobster but the warm melted butter that you dip it in...
  9. I like most shellfish, not raw though. The only fish that I will eat is Tilapia. Nothing else.
  10. I love seafood! The best thing about summer is going saltwater fishing off the coast, then grilling and eating what we catch :cool:

    My favorite seafood is mahi, grouper, yellowtail, seared tuna, tilapia, Florida lobster, shrimp, crab, fried calamari... I eat it all! :smile:
  11. Love shellfish :heart: Especially alaskan king crabs legs with melted butter...yummo!!
  12. OMGosh, YES! I looove fish! I love crab, lobster, crawfish {I AM from TX ya know!}, salmon, tilapia, catfish . . . you name it!
    Eeeek, unless it's too fishy!:shocked:
  13. Oh I love shrimp, lobster, raw salmon, scallops and pretty much everything else other than oysters. :heart: :heart: :heart: seafood!!!:biggrin:
  14. Love the stuff. :love: Even sashimi and raw oysters. Don't get ti eat it much because DH hates seafood (he is not allergic, but he doesn't like the texture or the smell).

    I usually pick seafood when we go out for dinner, but it seems that not many restaurants cook it well (and of course, I never get to go to a seafood restaurant!). :cry:
  15. meg!! your allergic to shellfish but you can eat shrimp?!?!?!?!??! How did you find out...what kind of testing did you take....I'm asking vause my boyfreind had a severe allergic reaction to scallop and no he avoids all seafood, which is horrible because I am seafood fanatic!!! raw oyster...everything the whole nine yards!