Seafood ?

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  1. I do not eat any type of Shellfish or Fish. I never have, if it hung out in the river or sea, you can guarantee i wont touch it. But that's just me.

    Do you eat fish ?
  2. All the time. Here in the Northwest we are known for our fantastic salmon and halibut.
  3. i don't really like fish.
  4. Not as much as I would like to. Growing up, I ate fish every other day. I love seafood!
  5. I love seafood,,,,i eat fish almost everyday,,heheh.....
  6. Prada- you start the BEST threads! I love seeing what you're going to come up with next!

    I love seafood! We eat a lot of Salmon and Talapia. Several times a week, actually. My daughter recently had little neck clams on the half-shell for the first time at Shelley's in Manhattan. She loved them and I loved seeing her enjoy them!

    I love fried clams, fried/broiled scallops, shrimp prepared all different ways, crab cakes (YUM!!!). I pretty much will eat any seafood but my least favorite (believe it or not) is lobster.
  7. I love seafood. If I could get my hands on fresh seafood, I would eat it every day.
  8. I never liked lobster for some reason. I thought crab tasted better. I had lobster a few times and was hoping each time that it will taste better but it never happens!
  9. I looooooooove seafood. It took me a while to start eating it, but man I love it now!

    A big plate of little neck clams in a garlic and white wine sauce with some crusty Italian bread is pretty much my idea of a perfect meal.

    I'll eat any kind of seafood but salmon. It's just too oily for me and makes me gag.

  10. Prada- you start the BEST threads! I love seeing what you're going to come up with next!

    Thanks Print, I always look forward to your responses :biggrin:

  11. I love seafood! everything as long as its not fried.
  12. Nope. My mom is DEATHLY allergic and I had an allergy to fish too. The only thing I will eat is shrimp (from one restaurant- I'm very picky) and tuna fish from the can. Ha.

    This means I'm allergic to shellfish etc..
  13. I love seafood! I am land-locked, and would love to live somewhere with access to fresh seafood without having to go out to eat!
  14. Mmm yep as much as I can!!! Never had lobster though cause for that I'd need to eat out (my mom's allergic, we can't cook that in the house) and I never had the chance to taste it. But I bet crab is better :heart:
  15. LOVE seafood. I wish i could eat it more, but after living in New England, it's not the same anywhere else.
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