Sdj versus college

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  1. I literally cannot decide between

    Sdj I’m baby or small
    College in medium or large

    I’d like my bag for day trips and travel

    If anyone has any thoughts I’d be very grateful

    Thank you
  2. Sac de Jour small! So classic and beautiful.
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  3. College in Large is such a great practical style. Great for travel, shopping, day trips etc. Fits passports, itinerary, tickets, make up, wallet, snacks, kids stuff, sunglasses etc

    I think the Small SDJ would be too heavy.

    I also don’t like open top of the SDJ bags, very risky with Pick pocketers when you travel.
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  4. Thank you do you have any mod shots you are happy to share? Does it fit an iPad-? I love it but wondered if looks too bulky on a small frame and if medium better? One option is sdj and college in different one as a larger and one smaller...bit don’t know if so which way round if go! Tough as no store in state to see
  5. Thanks! Do you have the college large? If you’re happy to share any modshots I’d be really grateful
  6. If you still need, here are some pictures of college large and small SDJ
    8A2C1741-20D8-4888-B3A9-C0B8E9FE28D4.jpeg 7900C179-3E37-424F-A680-575670EE89CA.jpeg B2AB7B30-6117-4442-B5F5-7ECF12DBC058.jpeg 683E78E9-BF0C-49E6-BCF0-246B5F36A174.jpeg 0EA9E339-2890-4AFC-8480-A6A47C1DA512.jpeg
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