scrapbooking your collection...

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  1. Has anyone ever done this?
    I've been throwing around this idea for a while, mostly to have an inventory of my bags and I thought, why not do it in style? lol.
    Is this too much?
    I just ordered some really cute purse shaped brads in case I decide to do it.
    Thought about posting photos with the name, item# and even the tag if I have it.
    Would love to know if anyone else has done this.
    I really need to post my collection pics on here someday too. Doing one will definitely make the other one easier.
  2. No way! That sounds like a fabulous idea!! So much fun! Coordinating colors, it can be your own personal catalog. I think it's a GREAT idea... what a fun coffee table book!!
  3. lol, I know right!
    I've been wanting to sit and do it forever; if nothing else I think it would make me really happy just to be able to flip through my collection in a book, haha.
    If I ever do it, I will have to post some pics.
  4. hmmm well i have them all posted in photobucket..then i printed it out to keep me from buying something over again lol
  5. That's an awesome idea! I can't wait to see it! In the past month I've collected pics off of the bay (too lazy to drag the collections all out and take my own pics :smile: of mine, my mom's and my daughter's collections into folders on my laptop. Having a central area to see all of what I have has helped me out SO much when deciding on a purchase if it fills a gap in my collection or if I already have 5 bags in that color already. LOL!!!
  6. The tedious part, I believe, will be uploading all the pics to photobucket or something and editing them all.
    Aaah, I can't say enough how much I love my Coachies. I'm so excited to do this now and so happy to have a group that understands the craziness, lol.
  7. I've actually been thinking of doing the same thing, part of my favorite thing about scrapbooking is the matting & creating a funky page. I think it would be fun to do with our Coach. I can get pretty creative, if I do say so myself when I get going.

    I was thinking of one of those 7 by 7 small albums not the big size.
  8. OHHH awesome fun for sure!! Yes I like the idea of a smaller album too!! :smile: Hmmmm....
    I just got done taking pixes of every piece of Coach I own! :smile:
  9. Love the idea.
    Too bad I haven't even scrapbooked my kids entire life.
    Maybe once that's done I can do the handbags, lol.
    Priorities, ya know!
  10. hahaha, yeah. It might seem odd to have the handbags and not anything family. :P
    However, I treat them like family so....hehe.
    I haven't scrapbooked in ages, so maybe this will get me back in the groove.
    I like the idea of the smaller album too but I think I have too many pics to do a small one. Can't wait to get started with this...but since I killed hours this morning on the forum, I need to get some cleaning done before I get started.
  11. Lol, it's a cute idea! Some non coach lovers might think your nuts though!
  12. I think its a cute idea! I love scrapbooking and they have such awesome pages and supplies out now. I hope you decide to do it! and post pics for us, lol
  13. I will definitely post pics.
    Quick questin, I've never used photobucket. Is it nice for editing photos or is there another place I should try?
  14. cute idea!! like an inventory system, lol. :amuse:
  15. cute idea! you know there's digital scrapbooking too! i've not done it before but heard it was simple as can be!