SCP Girls! Great meet today!!!!

  1. oh wow, i didn't know they moved there..can't wait to check that out!
  2. ^^^I may have to go back before our next meet!

  3. Name the date and time and i can meet you there.
  4. Since Sweetneet MAY be coming out for a visit in a few weeks, I will plan a meet for that weekend. I will have more details in a few days.
  5. I absolutely will! There is a real cute cafe around the corner too....
  6. Lmao that is sooo funny I never thought about saying that before but I will start :heart:
    Either that or I'll just say homicide's the same thing;)
  7. Omg make sure to tell me too:biggrin:
  8. Next meet announcement!!!! Since Sweetneet just booked her ticket to LA. It is going to be in Beverly Hills on Sat. March 7th. I will be sending out evites VERY soon so check your emails!!!!!!
  9. You sort of need to get out of there. Quick.
  10. :tup:
  11. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is my pleasure to introduce you to the sweet but sassy, "Lady C"

    I've got March 7th on my calendar!!!
  12. Love it!!!! So glad I was able to be there when you got it!!! Congrats!!

    YAY I am glad you are planning on making it to the next meet.


  13. wow! that is stunning! you scored woman!
  14. Thanks! Something about the combination just felt right...rain rain go away, I need to carry my bag on a sunny day!!!
  15. You have to carry it at the next meet...So we can all molest it