Scarves and moving overseas

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  1. This may sound a little silly, but here it goes. A few years ago, I moved, and packed my scarves. The movers opened the box containing my scarves and stole the first one. This makes me kind of paranoid. I may have to move "over-ocean" in a few months, and I'm wondering how I should proceed with my most valued possessions (~10 scarves, a few jewels including 2 rings too small for me to wear, 2 LV handbags).
    - I can't possibly wear everything at once
    - in my handbag... but what about pickpockets? Or if someone runs away with my luggage?
    - in my suitcase... but what if it's lost (it happened to my dad once, and that's not funny)
    - in our container... there'll be a 3-weeks delay between packing and unpacking, plus customs to pass. That seems risky :sad:

    What would you think would be the safest way?

    TIA :smile:
  2. Can you ship it insured?
  3. I have never been in your position but I do understand your dilemma. Can you pack your valuables together in one box and have it sent to your new residence registered and insured? I know it is possible to send such high value packages through the USPS by registered mail whereby chain of custody is carefully documented. I know it is not cheap but at least you have peace of mind in the event of loss. FedEx and UPS may have similar services. Otherwise, this is a good question and I would be interested to hear how others have handled similar situations.
  4. I packed every scarf/shawl/twilly I had in ziplock bags and put them into my hand luggage.

    All H goes into hand luggage. Haven't had an issue.
  5. Sandwich your precious boxes/scarves between bed linen, towels and blankets or other things that won't look like 'shiny things to magpies'
  6. i would do the same
  7. This is how I would do it. No other way I would do this.
  8. Same here, all in my hand luggage
  9. hand luggage, especially if it's a manageable amount! you can always send the boxes by container :smile:
  10. I would do a mixture of this:

    and hand luggage for the most loved ones. I would definitely not do suitcase (maybe depending a bit on the airline), the insurance will also not be high enough.
  11. I'm moving next week, and below is my home-made solution for my scarves. (approx. 4-5 hours, as I'm not really good at sewing!)

    I found a tutorial online for a generic case that should be made in 15 minutes. However, I added pockets for my scarfrings inside, and used a difficult fabric, so it took a little (!) bit longer.

    I'm quite happy with the result!

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  12. Use your carryon for things like this. They won't take up much space and it will be in your care the entire trip.

    More stealing and damage (I lost a computer; turned in a report and was denied compensation) is done to checked baggage than we can imagine. I'll never put anything in checked bags that I can't afford to lose.
  13. i moved overseas in november. I took my most valuables (my purses and jewelry and tory burch shoes) in my carry on. everything else went in checked luggage.

  14. The only way to do it...& it is with you all the time...