Scarlet got her boobs squeezed

  1. Okay, who saw it on E! last night?? Isaac just grabber her boobs to feel her Valentino built in bra..

    I was like :blink: :lol:

    Here's a pic of it:
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    What more can I say....That's so funny. I have a gay guy friend, and everytime I have a new shirt or pants, he'll check it out, people in the mall or whereever we are are like:weird: What does your boyfriend have to say?
  3. wow, sorry i missed that!!! lol, i think my mouth would have dropped open...
  4. what the what goin on here ........
  5. Oh gooooood laaaawwwrrrddd... hubba hubba... Scarlet is such a babe...
  6. She's always got her boobs pushed up to her chin. She's very attractive, and she looked gorgeous last night, but sometimes it's overkill! But maybe I'm jealous because I don't have cleavage :P
  7. bleh, i know! she is like the marilyn monroe of our day.
  8. Funny Funny!! I agree completely!
  9. I think it is okay becasue he is gay and she usually does have them out on display> I wish I would have seen that it would have been so funny!
  10. Ditto, I want to see that too!
  11. That is why I love Isaac! He is so spontaneous, and so fun to watch...much more fun than some of the other E! people in the past. I love that he doesn't seem to have the "think before you speak" (or act in this case) chip.
  12. Aww.. I wish I had cable at times like this.

    She's so gorgeous !
  13. I didn't see that part. That must have been funny.
  14. I dont care if he is gay! Hands off my boobs boy....
  15. Darn it.. I missed that!! Scarlet is so adorably hot. That Issac is sure a funny guy.