Scarfs + Bags = LOVE

  1. I hope this topic hasn't been made yet! I did a search and I didn't find anything specific to what this one is..

    I wanted to make a thread for people to post pictures of their LOVELY bags with a scarf tied to them!

    I would also like to say please list what kind of bag and scarf it is and (if you can) tell us how you tied it! ^^;

    I need some different ways to tie a scarf to a bag! :yahoo::nuts:
  2. Cute Idea!!

    Here is a Soho Satchel with a black and white signature ponytail scarf (I just sold this bag to help me save up for magenta bleecker)

    Scarf is tied in a bow


    and here is my Citron '07 Legacy Shoulder Bag with the Legacy Stripe/Khaki Signature Ponytail scarf.. scarf is tied in a bow


    Let's see some more!
  3. OMG! This is totally what I was wondering about! I saw someone with a Coach sig scarf around her neck today and wondered how people really use their scarves since that was my first sighting of a scarf not on a bag! I can't wait to get some ideas!!!

    Do you also use your scarf other than on your bag? Do the ponytail scarves work best? How do the squares or long skinny scarves work?

    I love the pics so far - what great taste!
  4. OK this is my new signature thing - scarf on every bag! These are the only two I have photos of so far...
    ergo smallest.JPG leigh smallest.JPG
  5. Here's one of mine with a Coach scarf. I have a few Hermes pocket squares and twillies that I like to use also.

    This one is tied like this...fold two ends of the scarf on the diagonal in together to make a long strip, then make a loop at the top and pull the two ends thru and secure.
  6. How do you feel about non-Coach scarves on bags? I have some very cool vintage Vera scarves that I've thought about tying on, but thought it might be kinda dorky. :confused1:
  7. Nono! It doesn't really matter to me! As long as it looks pretty! :biggrin:
  8. HOW! Did you tie that bow! It's fabulous!
  9. never thought of tying one on, but it actually looks cute!
  10. My Carly all dressed up!



  11. Here's my Carly Demi w/ the black Optic Sig ponytail scarf tied in a bow.
  12. Monokuro, i have to admit to being rather bow-challenged, so it took FOREVER tying and retying before I could get the bow-thing to look good and not all lopsided!!!
  13. Here's my Ergo tote with the watercolor scarf:

    Here's my straw tote with the scribble (?) scarf:

    And my black gallery pouch, I think it's called, with a scarf I can't think of the name for:

  14. This is one of my absolute favorite accessorized Coach bags!! You did such a great job with this one!! I love it!! :love: After seeing you post this the first time when you got it, I've been wanting one!!
  15. Awwwww.......thanks!! I got it for my birthday in September and I haven't put it away yet! LOVE this bag! Since it's fall now, I took off the scarf and flowers, and added the new "W" charm--the blue/brown combo looks so awesome on it!