Scarf Event @ SCP

  1. Who is going to the scarf event at SCP in November?:nuts:

    Here's the thing though, I found out from a lovely fellow PF-er that she has received an actual invite for the Scarf Event as well as the Concert Hall thingy. And another lovely fellow PF-er has also received the same thing.

    As for me? NADA!!!:shrugs::yucky:

    I checked my mailbox again today and have NOT seen any invites. My SA knows my address but I have gotten no invites. She has mentioned the scarf event to me before but not the concert hall thing, not to mention the dates of the scarf event that she gave me was a few days off ...

    I'm fuming about this right now. Should I confront her?

    P.S. Also want to mention that I called another store, the one that said they are going to have a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm coming in this year and was told by the SA there that she spoke with her manager and the manager told her that the bag in question might have already been sold. Ugh ...
  2. Give up on the Fushia Kou!
  3. Dont confront her! She was probably given the wrng date, also wait for an invite don't upset them because you know what happens when your to pushy with the SA's right,.......
  4. Wait a few more days before calling. They are sent out from the corporate office and my SA says that sometimes there are delays. I got mine last week - call in a few days if you haven't gotten your invite yet.
  5. Just wondering if anyone else's SA sends them a follow-up note after shopping in the store? I've shopped at SCP 3 times in the past few months and each time my SA has sent me a card in the mail a few days later saying how much she enjoyed helping me. Very nice touch. But alas no invite to scarf event.

    Last time I was in I mentioned that I was thinking about a vert anis bag and she said to let her know if I wanted to order one and she'd be happy to help with this. I'm wondering if this means she would be willing to do an SO? or perhaps she just meant wishlist??
  6. Kuo...Oh I completely understand how you feel about your SA in this type of situation...
    But its always good to hold out...wait* and see what happens :smile: Maybe she just thinks you're too busy to attend?!
  7. FYI, I called to RSVP for the concert hall event and asked my SA about appropriate attire to the event. Apparently, both the scarf event and the concert hall event will be held in SCP at the courtyard in front of Macy's and possibly overflowing to Hermes, so as far as attire, I'm assuming business casual? Greentea, have you been to one of these events? What do you normally wear?

    Kou, you will probably get your invitation in the mail soon :yes: and I hope to be able to meet some of you lovely PFers there! I'm going on Nov 12 at either 1pm or 3pm for the scarf event, so hope to see some of you!
  8. TV, that's sounds promising! Fingers crossed for an SO:idea: Love Vert anis! :love:
  9. Let us know how the event turns out!
  10. Is anyone else going? I was just about to shred invite...but would love to meet some other tPF members...:smile:
  11. ^ I'm a new customer (less than a year) so this was my first invite. I'm not sure of the attire but you can't go wrong with a nice pants-suit or other business casual attire. And a fab bag!! hehe.
    I live 1 1/2 hours away and can't make the concert hall event but I'm probably going to the scarf event. Not sure which day or time, yet. :smile:
  12. I was given an invite during store visit yesterday.
    SA told me the concert hall event will be in H store. and yeah just a little dressy.
    the scarf event you don't need invitaion. and that's infront of macys. so..prob the usual mall outfit.
  13. kou, i think you should just go -- get the dates/times from one of the other ladies and just show up. they won't be checking invitations at the door and even if they do, just say you don't have yours with you -- which, by the way, is absolutely truthful even if "yours" never arrives.

    your sa needs a good whacking*, so just shrug your shoulders, go and have a good time.

    * or maybe something else that ends in "-cking"
  14. ^^gmel, I'm meeting 2 other levely PF members there on Sunday, Nov 12 and you should meet up with us! Us PF girls need to stick together, lol. Greentea and Fesdu, hope we can meet up as well! I agree, business casual with a fab bag and for the concert hall event, maybe just a tad dressier :biggrin:

    ^^I agree, DQ! lol
  15. Wow I'm jealous!! My H store just had a scarf event and I enjoyed it very much, exchanging tips and tricks of tying our shawls and scarves with the scarf expert and the other customers...but a concert hall event?!? I want! I want! Please ladies, must discreetly slip in a few shots if possible to share!