saw a fake at macy's.

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  1. soo...
    i was at macy's last night to find some shoes and stuff and wandered over to purses (of course). now, my macy's doesn't carry coach- only stuff that's been returned. so, you can imagine how happy i was to see coach on SALE during f&f.
    i got all excited because i saw one i wanted but the SECOND i picked it up, i knew it was fake. it was a hamptons, but the material was almost spongey- it was weird. and then i actually LOOKED at it and the c's were funky (too skinny at parts and tilted...). PLUS, the c's weren't even aligned. and there was no serial number on the creed.
    so, i took it up to the lady working over there and very POLITELY said that somebody must have switched it because it was a fake. she looked at me and just shrugged her shoulders and said "it's not fake. it has a coach tag." i told her EVERYTHING that was wrong with it and she didn't say a word.
    i said fine, whatever. i'll go talk to a manager. and i left.
    but as i was leaving, a lady picked it up and bought it. for $261. and the lady working never said a word to her. (and i was afraid to go back and say anything).
    i never did find a manager...but, damn. this frustrates me.
    in the event stores do get fakes, etc- are employees supposed to say anything about it (if they know or if a customer says something)? i mean, shouldn't they at least put the bag behind the counter until it can be looked into? or is it all about the sale?!
  2. That's disturbing, to say the least. :sad: Sounds like that lady at Macy's just wanted to do the minimum amount at her job, instead of notifying a manager and having to deal with it. I feel awful about the lady that bought the fake. I mean, when you buy in a retail store shouldn't we expect some security in the fact that, 'Yes, this is a Coach bag'?
  3. they should tell the customers if something's funky with their products or else the customers will lose their trust. tha is so unfair with the lady who bought that purse and the SA knowing that it's a fake.... poor woman....
  4. That is just wrong. They should have listened to you more and maybe taken it off display to investigate. All they care about is money. I hope that woman finds out it's fake and brings it back.
  5. Oh man! Someone bought it! =(
  6. omg thats discusting, i cant believe she didnt do anything when the lady bought it!!! thats soo fricken dishonest it makes me sooo mad. glad you noticed it was a fake though!
  7. Macy's sucks. I never shop there anymore. Their customer service is garbage and it doesn't surprise me that they don't know what is in their own inventory.
  8. id call and complain about her! jeez what some people will do these days..
  9. I agree. I was at the Coach section and had a simple question. "Are the ones you have out right now the only ones you have in stock?" Took 15 min to get someone's attention and they just said yes and walked away. :yucky:
  10. My mom has a fake Coach bag :throwup: and we were in Macys and the guy from the Coach deptarment complimented her on it and said how so many people have been coming in looking for that style. She looked at me and laughed because she knows how I am about fakes and here is the SA giving her compliments...
  11. wow. That sucks for the lady who bought the fake bag. They should train all the employees, and how to spot a fake. They could never pull that off at the Coach store.
  12. What a bad situation! Poor person who bought the bag!

    The whole point of buying retail at a department store or the actual brand's store is that you have peace of mind that you have an authentic bag!!

    They definitely should've pulled it from "available for sale" and put it in the back until they could properly look into it. They should at least try to think about it and assess it before just selling it like that when someone has raised a concern about it! ugh! That's HORRIBLE!!!
  13. at least you got someone's attention!

    sometimes they don't even approach me!

    i think the thing that frustrates me about macy's and nordy's and any other department store is that some just don't know how to tell from a fake and real.

    that's why, regardless of who the sales person is (even if they have a lot of experience) any returns done at coach should be looked over or done by a manager.

    we've yet to have someone return a fake at our store :smile:
  14. That's just horrifying. Shops should be extra careful with returns - not only is it a fake bag, that's their reputation they're selling. And once you get a reputation for selling fakes that's it. :yucky:
  15. I never thought of them buying a real bag and then returning the fake...I thought it was a SA just being sneaky and switching out a real coach for a fake.