Saw a fake and... Well...

  1. I went downtown with my friends yesterday and there was this small shop selling FAKE LOUIS VUITTON items. At first I was uncomfortable 'cos I don't like fakes, but this girl showed me a Monogram Groom Zipped Compact Wallet in RED!! Yes I know it's a fake... But I had my Blue one with me and compared it and the canvas feels exactly the same, plus the shiny surface is the same... And I compared the cartoon Grooms and they look the SAME!!!

    So my dillemma... I want to buy the red one 'cos its gorgeous! The compact wallet looks way better in RED... Plus its a good quality fake... I want to buy it but I'm not sure abt it... 'cos... Well I've never bought a fake before... And it costs very cheap so how what can go wrong?

  2. Never ever buy a fake. :smile:
  3. Dont do it! Did you try eluxury? Or calling LV to check if they have any more? They might be able to help:yes:
  4. sorry but i dont think your going to get much support on these forums. We dont support fakes here. You have a beautiful real one, in the end you will know that the red one is fake and cannot compare to the real.
  5. You wouldn't want a fake to possibly discredit your lovely real ones.
  6. I detest fakes will fall apart in a month or so..bad quality of the dye (they probably use paint) it's a very difficult process to get any color at all on leather the way LV does like how the MC line costs a bit more..:tdown:
  7. why would you buy a fake if you have genuine LV? I dont understand that? Just get the genuine one, fakes are horrible!
  8. Fakes are illegal to start with and you may think they are good quality, but hence the price they most likely wont be. if you buy a fake and people begin to recognise it as a fake, they may not believe your other LVs are the real deal. Call vuitton and ask them to search for one for you.
  9. never buy a fake. its a waste of money. as long as its fake itll never compare to your authentic ones :s why would you want a fake one anyway?
  10. No Louis Vuitton has never made that wallet in the Red color.

    I have the original one in Blue. Its not that I WANT a fake. Its just that this particular fake is so pretty and not available in authentic stores.

    Anyway I thought about it and I decided not to buy it ;)
  11. If you really like the brand than don't do it!
    I always say: Buy the real thing or buy something else! Fake is not an option.

    You allready have the blue one so why don't you stick with that? It's a really nice wallet :tup:
  12. Dont do it
  13. why would you buy a fake LV when you have real money and get the red one.....DONT support fakes.
  14. I think you're in the wrong forum if you're asking what you should do...
  15. ^^ :yes: ITA.