Savings continue at the outlets!!

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  1. Thnks. No clue abt coupon. It cones n mu dudes name. Never signed him up. Not sure how it wrks.
  2. Does it work at the men's outlet too?
  3. Any outlet
  4. I'm confused, it's still on the Coach website. Do they starts sending them out before they are deleted?
  5. Lady returned it and at outlet
  6. I'm still going on about this coupon! Is it an email or a US postal mail item?
  7. Yes. Regular US mail
  8. Good to know, thanks! My husband often buys Coach gift cards for me and I just got one at Christmas - but they haven't sent him any coupons!
  9. #54 Feb 24, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2014
    About the 20% off your entire outlet store purchase that was mailed out recently; I didn't receive a coupon and it ticked me off!

    Yesterday I called my local outlet store to ask about it and they told me that the 20% off coupons were mailed by the corporate office and that they had no control over them, but they confirmed that they do have my contact information in their computer.

    Today I called Coach customer service to ask "why didn't I receive one of the mailed 20% off outlet coupons?" The CS rep kept trying to make me go away with canned comments like "just be sure to give them your contact information the next time you shop at the factory store oulet store" and "you should sign up for the online factory outlet sale to get a coupon in the future".

    I kept insisting that I have done all those things and that I regularly receive emails from the FOS and boutique stores and mailed PCEs for the boutiques and I am a frequent customer of the outlet so "why didn't I receive the mailed outlet coupon?"

    I figured that it just a mailing list generated from their customer database and I wanted to know what was different about my record that kept me from getting a coupon.

    She put me on hold for a long time and when she came back she said that the computer does show that I am a frequent outlet shopper, but the little checkbox that indicates it is "okay to receive mail from the outlet stores" was not checked on my record. She has now checked the box - so I should get a coupon if they send them out again!
  10. Love that drawstring bag. It's fabulous.

    Your collection is certainly impressive now, with that bag and your newest Oxblood Borough.
  11. Thnkkkkk U
  12. Beautiful bag! Congrats on your awesome score at the outlet! :smile:
  13. Thank you!
  14. Good to know there is some logic behind it. I have been a coach shopper since 2004 and never receive any of the coupons. Yet the dh made a purchase ONCE on his card and gets them every time. Pretty irritating.
  15. You can still use his.....!!!!!