Savings continue at the outlets!!

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  1. Pinnacle DS 28378 Black 50/20/10. $179!!!!!

    Just a perfect size bag!!!!!
  2. Beautiful! I would give anything to find this one!!
  3. Thank u. She not to big and not to small. Just perfect!!
  4. You are on a roll!!! Very this size!
  5. oh this is a beauty!
  6. Pretty!
  7. Pretty!
  8. Great deal!! Beautiful bag, too! Congrats! :smile:
  9. Love it!!
  10. Wow! Love seeing your deals.
  11. Thanks everyone. I loooove the outlets.
  12. @CFC09, glad you're back. You've been missed. :heart:
  13. Sweet. Edinburgh didn't have the 20, just 50/10 on non-clearance.
  14. 20 was mailed to my honey
  15. Sweet deal! Congrats on that beauty!

    I had a 20% that I stupidly used on a cosmetic case after rejecting a GQ Phoebe. I called back the next day to see if she was still there, mentioning my stupidity & the SA honored it on Phoebe!

    Gotta love the outlets!!!