Savings continue at the outlets!!

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  1. Nice bag but check your temp real quick......that's a black bag. :lol:
  2. Surprised you dont keep all these good deals to yourself!

    Real bad girls move in silence...xx
  3. I love it, CforC09! :heart: Congrats, woman.
  4. You're on a roll, GF!! Another beauty. Didja get me one, too??? :kiss:
  5. That leather looks delicious! ;)
    Congrats, it's gawgeous!!!
  6. Love it! Congrats! SA showed to me at FP last weekend :yes:
  7. nice !!!
  8. Thnks. I have many CS wit coupon. Yes. It can be done
  9. Thnks ladies
  10. Another great find at outlet and amazing price, congrats again :smile: Have to say I love the extra coupon too. I was able to use it yesterday thanks to a sweet lady at my outlet who gave it to me after she checkout.
  11. Can't wait to see what you find today! I love seeing your scores!
  12. Thnks gals!

    Not going today. But gona do a CH before coupon ends lolololol
  13. Congrats. That leather looks amazing
  14. Gorgeous bag at a great price, congratulations! But I want to know more about this coupon! I get PCEs and invites to the FOS but no other coupons for the outlet. Do I have to sign up for it?
  15. Love the bag, the leather and those tassels! Congrats!