Savings continue at the outlets!!

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  1. The outlets don't love me enough for coupons, apparently.
  2. Hey u. U know, i lovvvvvvve the outlets. 20 off Coupon ends tomorrow !!! Might return in morning. Lolololol
  3. Guess they have no love for me either, i never get thm. Only my dude. Lol
  4. Nice bag!! I'm sure your collection has grown out of control.. I would love to see a group pic of all you lovelies :smile: i'm sure its beyond AMAZING!
  5. Does he have an equally lovable brother? :graucho:
  6. Thnks! Toooo much work to get thm out of closet, out of bags, arrange for many pics. Thn bck in bags n bck in closet. I would need a few drinks after tht project. Lolololololol
  7. I never got one until I stopped buying from them for a good 6 months, lol. I figured the first time was just to sucker me back in. When I got one recently I was surprised.
  8. Lmbao!!!!
  9. Nice! I've been so good this weekend. My Coach devil has been whispering all day to make a run to the outlet but I've been good. You guys keep posting this stuff and I am not responsible for the damage I do tomorrow!
  10. Gooooooooooooooo to outlet. Lololol
  11. Oh that's wrong! But I will mention your name when they asked who helped me tomorrow. ;)
  12. Lolololololololol.
  13. I saw this bag in my outlet the other day. it is gorgeous, congrats
  14. Beautiful! Love the pinnacle bags. Don't own many bc of the price, but it's great when they show up at outlet. Score!!
  15. Congrats on this deal, I love this bag, too. You have great taste. I called my local they didn't have it either. They apparently don't get any of the good stuff anymore, I'll have to start stalking to get some good deals, lol. I didn't realize the coupon expired tomm, I'll have to get my butt to the outlet. Thanks for posting!

    Question do you use the 20% coupon on charge sends or can it only be used in person - in store purchases only?