SA's who deserve to benefit from our purchases!

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  1. I thought I would start a thread in honor of SA's who truly deserve our business because they go out of their way in trying to help us with our purchases. Sometimes we feel really bad when we can't go through with a purchase we initially wanted to make, for whatever reason and by mentioning their name, maybe they will get the sale from someone else and then we won't feel so bad. :smile: I believe that when you are a kind and good person, it will come back to you 10 fold.

    Please post the name, phone # and store of an SA that is great to deal with so that we can ask for her/him when making a purchase or placing phone orders.

    My SA is Diane @ Saks in MI. Her phone # is (248) 643-9000 ext. 5404. She is kind, patient and gives her honest opinion, not just to make a sale. I really like the fact that I never feel rushed or pressured by her.

    Swanky, please delete this thread if it's not allowed.
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  2. i think everyone here knows how i feel about Frederick who works at the Nordstrom in Seattle downtown store. i don't know the direct number, i typically always call and ask for a transfer since i'm in toronto, but i do have his email address if anyone wants it.

    he is the most most absolute most wonderful SA i've ever dealt with, i've also dealt with a couple that's been mentioned on the board, i didn't think they were exceptional like the service Federick provided, even though at the end i didn't go through with the purchase.
  3. My all time favorite :heart: SA (and I have MANY) is Brendan Sheehan at Chanel on 57th in NYC. He is the best!:yes: 212-355-5050

    He is SO considerate, and always so friendly and helpful and I have NEVER received any attitude from him at all. He takes all of my phone calls and even when I turn down things he couldn't be nicer. He puts my name down on waitlists even before I ask him!
  4. Anyone have a GREAT SA in Toronto??
  5. i've recently purchased through brendan, while i agree he is pleasant, you have to try Frederick, if you ever get the chance, he really goes above and beyond
  6. while i don't have a great one to recommend, i can warn you never ever go to into Holts Chanel, they are totally unworthy of their salary

    the one i work with at the chanel boutique is Emiko, she is not as knowlegeable as the SA's in the states, but she is fairly good. but not the same i'd rave about Frederick
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  7. Yoshiko at the SCP boutique 714 754 7455 and Lisa Hamlin 248 643 3300 are both dolls.
  8. Actually I have tried Frederick. Brendan still my favorite.:love:
  9. ^^I like Brendan. And Swanky's SA in Plano is tops too -- Shannon. So perky and sweet.
  10. Let me expand on why. For Christmas Brendan surprised me by sending me a Chanel silk scarf as a gift. Yesterday he shipped to me samples of the new Chanel Les Exclusifs fragrance collection. They are miniatures of the larger for sale versions. There are 6 new fragrances and 4 classic fragrances. He is sending me samples of all 10! Seriously, he's the best.
  11. that is quite awesome.maybe i haven't bought enough from him yet to get that level of service...but yaaay for you
  12. My fave is Joseph in NYC Saks; i think he is the SA for many ladies on fact, if I am not mistaken, he just recently joined tPF! :p
    here's his cell: 917-776-9353
  13. Love Joseph, but I also love DJO (Damian) here at tPF who works at Saks NJ.
  14. Lisa Hamlin of NM Troy is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!
  15. Dear Designer307:

    LOVE this thread!!!

    Every dollar we spend are HARD EARN $, so YES, it needs to go to SA who are appreciative of us!!!

    My SA; Karen at NM NJ is the lady that sent me the GODIVA for V-day!!!

    I like her because she is PATIENT, always check my bags to make sure they are in Mint/Excellent (I am a bit picky) and GIFT packaged w/o me even asking!!!

    She has NO problem if I ask her to hold a bag and then later on changed my mind to something else!!!

    She's also accessible if I need to talk to her after work (I know I am a bit crazy sometimes if it comes to bags)...

    Anyone who wants to meet this WONDERFUL lady, she is at NM NJ, tel: 973-912-0080; Karen!!!

    Happy Shopping, ladies!!!
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