Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch of her clothing line

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  1. Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch of her clothing line

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  2. She looks great! I think it's such a wonderful thing for her to create a clothing line for women who want to look nice at VERY affordable prices! Her prices are insane!!!!

    Just goes to show you how much of a mark up there really is in that industry.

    Congrats to her! She's done a beautiful job!
  3. I love her.

    I like her eyemakeup in the third pic.
  4. She is gorgeous!!
  5. She looks SO CUTE!!! I saw her on Oprah promoting her line! She is adorable. I LOVED her in the GAP ads!:love:
  6. she is defo one of my fave celebs EVER!!!

    She looks so polished and gorgeous :biggrin:
  7. omg
    She looks gorgeous
  8. She looks fabulous! :yes: I hope this outfit is an indication of what's to come!
  9. i wonder if she is wearing her own line of clothing. She looks great.
  10. I love SJP!!!
  11. She looks amazing as always!
  12. Love her:yes: She looks fantastic!
  13. Simply chic...
  14. I didn't know she was creating a clothing line, anywho she looks great :tup:
  15. I really like her! She has great style!