Sarah Jessica Parker at the launch of her clothing line

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  1. She looks cute! Is she wearing her own creations? Where are her clothes going to be sold?
  2. The line is being sold by a New York based discount sports retailer called Steve & Barry's. I've never heard of them.
  3. Thanks! Never heard of them before either!
  4. I do believe she is wearing her line:yes:
  5. i just read that her clothing line is all under $20!!

  6. :yes::yes:
  7. She looks great, so refined and refreshed. I can't wait to see her clothing.
  8. She loks great but if those are from her line, I will not be buying... how boring and uninspired.
  9. she looks beautiful.
  10. She looks great! good for her
  11. We have one of these in our area...they mostly appeal to a younger (high school/college) market, and sell a lot of "collegiate" type wear - tees, sweats, etc. They do sell capris, shorts, etc. Kinda like a cheaper Old Navy maybe.....
  12. One more pic

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  13. Wow, she looks fantastic!
  14. She surely does, and her clothes are great too.
  15. She looks good, not so crazy about her outfits though.