sales tax from oder from another state?

  1. If you order a bag at a dept store like Saks or NM and have them send to your state (which has branches of the same dept store), do they charge sales tax, if so, the rate of the the state where you live or where the store is? I remember one time I don't they charged me tax at all.
  2. I think Saks doesn't charge you tax as a "courtesy" to their customers. They just charge shipping.. I shop in Sak's in PA and I live in NJ... When I buy something from NY at the Gucci store, they ship it to me and charge me NJ sales tax...
  3. The general rule is that if they have a store in your state, you get charged your state's sales tax.
  4. That is correct. They cannot as a courtesy not charge you tax. It is possible that you were not charged in error. By law, they must collect the tax if they have a store in the state.
  5. yes, it was Saks. I guess they made a mistake.
  6. I have had Saks in VA make a mistake and not charge me sales tax even though there is a saks in MD. Of course I don't say anything because it benefits me, however, if they charge me I can't complain.
  7. I thought that was weird too because I know they are supposed to collect tax. I don't know if he meant they pick up the tax or what?
  8. I don't know either. It is strange though. I am an attorney and this is my area of practice. A lot of these retailers were my client at one point so I know their practice and the SAs are not trained to do this. In fact, I would be shocked that their computer system even allows it.

    On a related note (and I have posted this before), you as a buyer still need to pay use tax to the state even when a store does not charge you the sales/use tax. No one does it but legally you are required to do so.
  9. I am aware of that practice. I shop in Delaware, a state with no sales tax, and go to the slots there as well. However, I don't declare it and pay tax for it and I don't know too many people who do that anyway.

    If I made a whole bunch of money in DE at the slots I would have no choice, but to declare it, but I'm not good at slots anyway so I don't have to worry about that I don't think.
  10. i have ordered several items (chanel bags, LV bags, cartier watches, clothes) from saks via online and phone orders (when the SA finds it from another store and orders it for me or i call and order it myself directly from the store). i've phone ordered 2 LV suitcases and was never charged the tax. also phone ordered 3 chanel bags and was not charged the tax. in addition, i also phone ordered 2 cartier watches and was not charged the tax. the only time i had to pay tax was when i ordered my fendi spy online, which was last month. shipping is always charged though, whether it was an online or phone order.
  11. If SAs aren't suppose to do it, then why are many of us who shop at different stores outside our states don't get charged?

    I've ordered a bag from Saks AZ and Saks TX and didn't get charged tax on either, only shipping. Is there a difference from purchasing online vs phoning an actual store?
  12. I think there might be. Like how eLuxury charges tax to CA and TN residents cause they have distribution centers there while if you call the store from another state and your state has a LV store, you get charged tax. I think 1-800 LV phone number charges tax too.
  13. If you live in NJ and shop out of state, you won't get charged sales tax if it's shipped to your house.
  14. I typically get charged tax (live in CA) with on-line or phone orders if the retailer has a store in CA. My exception is also with a specific Saks store...they have never charged me tax before shipping...
  15. Everything I have ordered through Saks locator which has come from other states to Florida, where I live has included a charge for Tax. Same for Neiman and saks online purchases. Only once, from St. John's boutique in another state was I not charged tax.