Saks bonus points

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  1. Thank you!
  2. Beverly Hills and Bala aren’t leased yet, thankfully lol :smile:
    There is 12 mth mpa going on I just used mine yesterday and April will be another triple points event. Hopefully they still won’t be leased by then lol
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  3. OHHH Thanks for this. SA needs a text tomorrow...
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  4. Haha my pleasure!! :smile:
  5. Does anyone know of the SAKS Friends and Family include designers like GUCCI and Saint Laurent? I see it’s triple points right now.
  6. How do you know triple points is going on right now? On the Saks home page it only references Friends and Family. I’d love to know this too given I’m hoping to open an account soon and buy my first Chanel and would love to take advantage of the triple points too. Thanks!
  7. I was there yesterday and it is triple points, give them a call as I’m not sure when it ends.
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  8. I think now would be the time. Also check if you can do MPA. Major purchase account. It would be 0 percent financing for 12 months I think.
  9. Thanks! I checked as well and it’s going on until April 8th :smile:
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  10. Thank you! I will check for MPA. I am hoping when I open my Saks card they give me a high enough credit limit to fully cover the whole price of the Medium Classic Flap, so I get the most points. I also called and checked and they said that the 10% off applies to the first purchase made on the card. I was worried it would only apply the day I opened the account, which is not the case.
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  11. You will get 10% off on your first purchase when opening new saks card. However, if you put your purchase on MPA account, you won't get the 10%. MPA is a separate saks account and usually has higher limit.
    I have an amazing Saks SA in Pheonix and you can dm me if you want her contact. Currently, they are doing 12 months MPA and triple points. Great time to open a new card if you're making a big purchase like chanel bag. Hope this help! :flowers:
  12. I am at Saks now and they said because of new leasing the 10% off and the triple bonus points
    hi! Can you
    Hi! Can I work with your SA in Phoenix even if I live in NYC? If so please DM her contact info. Also, sooo bummed. I tried to post this but I don’t think it went through. Apparently, the Chanel at Saks NYC flagship is now a leased boutique so I can’t get the 10% off with an account nor triple bonus points. I called customer service and they said that if I open an MPA account that is true. However, if it is a regular account I should get the 10% off and bonus points. Anyway, the SA in NYC refused to listen. I am debating going to the Saks in CT but I’ll call in advance.
  13. I think the nyc SA is right. I have heard from numerous sources the Saks leased locations don’t have triple points anymore. This was discussed a lot last year before locations started getting leased.
  14. I believe so too. My SA told me the leased stores don’t participate in MPA or double/triple points. Purchases will only be applied for base points.
  15. I can DM you my SA contact np! If it’s a leased chanel inside saks, it won’t participate in any saks promotion.