Saint Laurent YSL Jamie Bag

Do you happen to know who the influencer is in these pictures?
Sorry, unfortunately i don't, it's about 4 years since i posted those pics and i don't think i knew who she was at the time either. However, looking back at this thread, it's so nice to see how beautiful the YSL Jamie bag is and it still appears to be absolutely classic in design.
Does anyone have the Jamie in the jersey fabric that can speak to wear and tear? I’m worried since it’s mainly cotton it might take on smells too easily and even color transfer could be a problem at least in the grey.. also the structure of the bag over time. Any feedback is appreciated!
I fell in love with this bag in the size medium when i saw it in store, and I am very tempted to get it. I am worried that it will sag over time. Does anyone have a problem with this? Do you think an insert would help prevent the sagging?