Saint Laurent YSL Jamie Bag

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    I couldn’t find a thread about the new YSL Jamie handbag so I thought I’d start one. Does anyone own the bag? What’s everyone’s thoughts/views on the bag?

    Seen on model Anja Rubik in the YSL campaign.
    A1800D59-C9F8-4083-972C-07794A79CEE1.jpeg E28D478A-E5D4-49BC-AFE7-661A60EBB58C.jpeg 03D52367-C5E6-42A2-8595-D985395C9106.jpeg
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  2. I was drawn to it initially, but found it to be unimpressive in person. Also, all the ones I've seen have been all scratched up. Ultimately, I think there's much better options available at that price point from SL and other brands.
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  3. That’s interesting as I’m the opposite. I wasn’t drawn to it until I saw it in person yesterday. I really liked it but would love to hear others thoughts or reviews. :smile:
  4. More pics of the Jamie bag in black.
    63A0FC5D-211E-48CD-BE83-968F448F816F.jpeg 7204EB58-7D52-4A67-84CD-6E8E6216EF3A.jpeg EC881CEA-2A73-40E5-96EF-4456763A4491.jpeg
  5. Some modeling shots of the Saint Laurent Jamie bag.
    3C45B52D-0C44-49B2-A082-ABE95A643481.jpeg 63206F51-2B7A-4083-AF8A-CBA0EC291FCE.jpeg F82D0F77-A1A0-4544-8A09-E3F8F991E655.jpeg
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  6. The new Jamie patchwork bag collection comes in different styles including:
    • Giant Jamie bag (good daytime bag)
    • Medium Jamie
    • Small Jamie
    • Wallet on Chain Jamie (WOC)
    • Large Jamie Pouch (aka document holder or clutch)
    • Small Jamie pouch (clutch)
  7. Some photos from the YSL website
    4D616344-FF32-471D-9EF8-D1A702322016.jpeg E22EDD2C-1A7A-4CC4-B6EA-FB8EA34A7D61.jpeg AE1B7370-8EF8-4928-9B6F-3F4A8B6C94FC.jpeg
  8. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley wearing the Jamie bag.
  9. I thought this was a really pretty bag when I saw it online but I didn’t love it when I saw it in person. It was too wide and short and just didn’t work for me. It looks great in photos and the proportions might work well for others :smile:
  10. I saw a lady on Instagram wearing it in Red recently too.
    93774A68-13B4-46D8-84F1-613049BCEA2E.jpeg 27B3D46E-94BB-4750-AE63-4F228BBEAD49.jpeg
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  11. That red is nice!!
  12. I tried this a while back. Fell in love with the buttery lamb leather but it felt too delicate so opted for something else in red. It is a beautiful bag though and I do still think about it... Screenshot_20180609-074050_Gallery.jpg
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  13. Thanks for sharing this picture. It really does look great on you! It even looks buttery soft in the picture. :smile:
  14. Pics of the Jamie bag
    7C964406-58BB-4CA1-9FD9-0ACE232D3D70.jpeg 42D83C4F-0682-4E49-9374-10228CDD43DB.jpeg 30EAA4B4-51B4-4191-B0F6-DB7BE5FF35B7.jpeg 58BE1E17-D34A-46D1-A26B-BC32F234FB46.jpeg EBF14A62-3165-4519-83AF-A2AE2EDAD32D.jpeg
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  15. This is the YSL Jamie Wallet on Chain (WOC). It has a flap compartment at the front and zipped compartment at the back.
    0BD2A9A3-0803-44D8-ADAD-390F4525F3A7.jpeg 9B0C55FE-B245-46C6-AD60-8089CD80C534.jpeg
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