SAD! My bag arried, in a weird shape!!

  1. Remember this bag? I just received it today and it's in very weird shape. It's like missing a big chunk from the left side of the bag....I tried but it's hard leather and I don't think I can change the shape!!!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: I'm very upset now...!!!
    front1.jpg back1.jpg
  2. It looks good from your pictures... try stuffing it with cardboard, it might reshape...:shrugs:
  3. some clearer pictures..Am I too picky?
  4. More pictures here...just looks very weird
    front.jpg back.jpg gucci.jpg
  5. wow!It's gorgeous!!!!Nice bag!
  6. But it's weird IRL since it's not I sound like Mr.Monk? :sad: :sad: :sad:
  7. Will it work? it's hard leather...
  8. I had the same one in black and it was the same shape....I'm not sure what you mean by its weird shaped!!!
  9. One of my hard leather bags had the same problem. I used a hair dryer and it helped. The heat helps the leather relax back into it's original shape. It helps more when there is something pushing against it. A good example would be when you have new leather shoes and they change their shape at the front a little to mould your feet.

    What I would do with your bag is...
    1. stuff it full with clothes as much as you can, paying special attention in trying to fill out the corners
    2. put the bag into it's dustbag
    3. pull the dustbag back against the concerned area
    4. blow your hair dryer on the concerned ares
    5. let it heat up
    6. keep it blowing on the area for at least 30sec
    7. have a check
    8. repeat if required

    I do the same for all my shoes cos my feet are sensitive. I need to wear the leather in before I wear them. I just wear some socks, wear the shoe and blow with the hair dryer and this accelerates the stretching of the leather.

    With your handbag it would be different cos there won't be as much pressure exerted on the inside of the bag as there is with a foot in a shoe.

    Good luck with it!
  10. they didn't stuff the bag properly and the left side looks like missing a chunk...:sad:
  11. Sounds professional...worth trying, thanks!:smile:
  12. Lol. I highly doubt that (esp since I was the one who came up with that). But thanks for the compliment.
  13. Maybe try to stuff it and leave it for a while?
  14. I would leave it for leave it for littel bit.
  15. God, I just love that bag!!

    It's a bummer if it got a little smooshed during shipment, definitely try stuffing it, heating it, and leaving it stuffed to cool and sit for a bit. Remember, it should hang and gain a different shape when you carry it with stuff in it, too.