SAD day

  1. :heart: Its Fathers day....I was a daddys girl in every way...He has been gone 2 years now and my heart still hurts...I now know what it really feels like to miss someone so much my everything hurts.

    Heres to you Dad. :heart:
  2. How sweet. I'm a daddy's girl too. Big time. I'm sure you miss him very much. Here's to your dad, too!
  3. Oh, Sunshine, I'm so sorry. This is why I've always hated father's/mother's day, I think it's just too hard for those who have lost their parents. I'm sorry..
  4. I could not even walk thru the frickin fathers day card isle....yesterday...I lost it. It sucks...I have so many good memories of him...AND he was so supportive of my bag obbsession...LOL our last trip together was to NY and we went in the LV store together...and I will never EVER loose that bag he chose for me!!!
  5. I am sorry. It has been a year and a week for me since my dad died and I was daddy's girl too so I know how you feel and it sucks.
  6. Sunshine, sorry to hear about your dad.
  7. A close friend lost her dad a few months ago and all I could really say to her was that it sucks. It is the bast way of saying it.

    I am glad you have such good memories of him. It makes it harder in some ways but I hope you consider yourself lucky (I try to remember that but it is hard to feel lucky).
  8. Im really sorry for your loss, but wherever he is he is thinking about. I think he would want you to enjoy this day by thinking about all the good memories you have of him instead of feeling sad.:smile:
  9. Here's to your Daddy and all of our wonderful Daddys that are looking down on us today with endless love, wonder and pride :love:
  10. Sunshine, I am thinking of you, and send you a big hug;) I was definitely a daddys girl, and he used to tell me I was the creme de la creme. Heres to all the daddy's girls:rolleyes:
  11. I am so sorry, Sunshine. It's so hard to be left behind. At least you had a close and loving relationship that you'll treasure forever. (((hugs)))
  12. Sunshine, sorry to hear about your loss.. I am pretty sure that your dad misses u as much as well.. just keep thinking of your happy times together...
  13. So sorry you love your dad. I'm fortunate to still have both my parents. He must have been a great dad for you to miss him so much.

  14. Lots of (((hugs))) for you Sunshine:sad:
    I can't even begin to imagine how hard it must be for you xx

    I've not seen my Dad since i was 13, though he is still alive (somewhere) so i've never had the chance to have that special dad/daughter relationship.:cry:

    He knows how much you miss him and i'm sure he's smiling down on you, today and every day.
    Take care xxxx
  15. :yes:
    Ahhhhhh Sunshine! I am so sorry you are sad. Just cling to your good memories of his love and your love for him.
    My dad was a complete AHOLE and I have no nice memories of him. Your lucky you had a good relationship with him and I am sure he is looking down on you smiling! :heart: :yes:
    Smile :smile: