S stamp on scarves

  1. is there any easy way to get off S stamps on scarves?

    somone at the Paris sale is getting me some things...and they said the S stamps are faint where they stamp but when they fold the scarves back up...it marked the other side.

    how do you get s stamps out?

    I remember Quinn's Mom telling me about rubbing alcohol to release the stain then using dishwashing soap to clean it.
  2. I haven't tried this on the S stamp that H uses, but a lot of garments that I work with come with a huge "SAMPLE" stamp on the inside (it's because they're not charged taxes when they're shipped in from other countries) and I'm told that Lestoil, the floor cleaner, will take the stamp off. Of course be careful trying it out on a silk scarf, but it might work.
  3. hopefully there is a way to get it out!
  4. GG, the only S stamp that I have ever seen on a scarf or shawl was on the white tag not on the scarf itself. If that is the case on your scarf, I would leave it alone. The last thing you want is a stain on the scarf from trying to clean it. You won't see it when you fold it anyway.
  5. no on all scarves...they put an ink s stamp under the care tag...its a standard thing on scarves and even the shawls...S stamp with a circle around it...from an inkstamp

    if you get anything at the Hermes sale..it will have it on there. period.
  6. sometimes it's on the scarf under the tag, and sometime it's on the tag -- when i'm shopping the sale scarves i always make sure to check the stamo, since some are discrete and some are glaring.
  7. I picked up a shawl on eBay that was a sale item and the S stamp is on the care tag. Guess I got lucky. But anyway, you won't see it when you fold it. It's not so bad, just a reminder that you got a great buy! Turn the lemon into lemonade:smile:
  8. yes and I will wait for the experts to chime in how to clean it off.

    My SA said she has heard people cleaning it!
  9. L-Z has a couple things for sale shawls, scarves that have the S and they are up front about the bleeding through to the front. Some bleed through some don't.
  10. I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but does it really matter if it shows or bleeds thru? Who is going to see it when you fold it? OK, I'm done and I'll shut up about this now;)
  11. it would be nice to get it off at much as possible so it can be tied different ways but yes you can tie to avoid it...
  12. that's OK, GK -- as long as you never beat a live one!

    it does matter to me -- i hate that a beautiful work of art is defaced. also, i never know when i'm going to sell something, and an 's' stamp makes it much less attractive to potential buyers. but mostly it just feels wrong to put an ink stamp on the scarf -- i don't care, though, if it's on the care tag.
  13. I know. its like could they do something else like cut the care tag in half or puta red dot on teh care tag like Neimans does.

    but a big S is stupid!

    but I have heard you can wash it out.
  14. Beat a live horse! I know you have the Hermes whip!!! I would never:p

    Right, for resale, etc. I never sell anything so I guess that kind of defacing doesn't bother me since it isn't in my face. I remembered that I have an S stamp on the silk of a pochette and it is in the corner next to the care tag. So what?? The only S stamp that Hermes should be shot for is the S stamp on the handbags where it is front and center. I think it is a way to rub it in that the item was purchased for under the usual ridiculous retail price. When they put those extra numbers on an employee sale bag they are thumbing their nose at their own SA that they can't afford the reg retail price. On the whole, I think that it is petty, mean thinking. WOW! what was in my coffee this morning?:boxing:
  15. I bought a BJ croc Birkin a few years ago with an "S" stamp. I'm so proud of it, usually I pay double or more for a croc Birkin.