Rox's Roxy Repair Saga!!.....

  1. Hi Rox, sounds like you got a great deal with yours - well done! Mine is the darker oak - I didn't know you could get light oak? Haven't seen one of those but sounds nice. Yes, please add a photo if you can I would love to see it - and then you can tell me how you do it so I can have a go myself! As for what I'm going for next - to be honest, there's nothing I want now as i have my dream bag at last! Sounds a bit corny but it's true! In fact I've got two dream bags as love my black one just as much. In fact, I've bought four mulberries since March (2 bayswaters - one a birthday present from the family in April, and one a birthday present to myself! plus two roxys) so I'm skint apart from anything else! Having said that we're going down to Devon next weekend and I've already put in a request to stop off at Shepton Mallet either on the way down or the way back, so can't guarantee I'll be good!!
  2. I know what you mean - I have a more than satisfactory collection and just really need to enjoy - and can't really justify another at the minute! - although I have a bit of a thing for Red Onion Bays at the moment (and I haven't a Bays in my arsenal we'll see!....). Enjoy Shepton (I feel you may be tempted!!!) and of course Devon - it's lovely down this part of the world, but I suppose living in the West Country we tend to take it for granted and just moan about all the Summer Hol traffic!!!....:biggrin:
  3. Thank you we will! Looking forward to it just hope the weather holds up!! Good luck with the red onion bays I was reading your thread just now. You would love a bays I'm sure - I certainly love mine! And good luck with the magnets - let us know the outcome!!
  4. hehe! - the bays is a carefully considered "possible" at the moment - as I said to you yesterday I really should be reining in a little - but RO could well be an imminent addition at some point:graucho:

    re:magnets.....just about to update everyone.....
  5. Latest Development: Gillian called me this afternoon - such a sweet and helpful lady - and after the usual digressions about the weather, Wimbledon (bags, of course!!) etc. we got onto the matter in hand and she said that they would be prepared to replace all the old magnets with the new style ones.

    Yeay! - really pleased actually - and, although that option has already been considered in this thread - and I said I wondered if her integrity as an old girl would be compromised - actually I've come around to the idea that I don't think so - it's splitting hairs really isn't it, especially as the "newer" magnets have now been around for a good few years anyway - and, in the scheme of things, Roxy the style isn't really "old" Vintage anyway - and if it extends her lifespan, then it must be good. Of course I'll have to pay for it (hopefully not too much!)- but I think I will go for it.....

    So this clears up the mystery of whether they did change the magnet when she initally went in - of course they didn't - she apolgised and said there had been a communication issue and that they really don't stock, source or use the old ones anymore - and that really I should have been told this when I picked her up after her 1st (supposed) repair.

    So all good....and thanks to all of you for your moral support and encouragement - it is so appreciated!!:smile:
  6. Great news that you've had a satisfactory result!
  7. Thanks Somerset - I'm stoked!!:tup:
  8. Great news Rox :biggrin:
  9. Thanks, hon!;)...
  10. So glad it has been sorted out with your Roxy and I definitely support getting a Bays!! Hehe. I should change my name to Baysaholic!
  11. What a wonderful idea!!!:roflmfao:.....
  12. ;);)
  13. Excellent news, I bet you can't wait to get her back with new magnets and fully functioning again! :smile:
  14. Definitely! - I owe it to the old dear - and hopefully it will give her a better and longer quality of life!!! - what are we like with our bags!!!!!:p
  15. Only just read this! So pleased for you rox that's a great result!