Rolex from hubby - what to do

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    Hello wonderful tpfers. I need your help!

    For our 5 yr anniversary DH said I could get a new Rolex watch. New retails for $7250 - ouch! So I'm giving myself a budget of $5k.

    Two scenarios.

    1. There is an auth. dealer who has the exact watch that my HUSBAND wants for me. It is a ladies datejust with black dails and white markers. The price is $5450 and I think they are pretty firm on that price. The watch is a brand new 2006. I would be over my budget but it would be a brand new watch from 2006. 3466096_5529rol1.jpg

    2. When we went to the store, I liked the Silver dial. It was more subtle where as the black dial has more of a pop. This was is a 2006 used but in mint condition and the asking price is $4200. I would be 'saving' but this would be a used watch from 2006. jomashop_2225_261947905.jpg
  2. I personally would use the money towards a new Rolex! Unless its the one you been wanting, don't buy just bc of the price. I'm picky and a used one wouldn't do for me but it's up to you!
  3. The 2006 watches have the older style bracelet clasp. They are not as sturdy as the newer style and sometimes stretched out a bit.

    You might want to compare both to see which you prefer.

    I have owned both and personally prefer the newer style.

    (I love the black face on the silver just pops!)

    Good luck
  4. The 2006 will have the new bracelet. I have the midsize oyster and I don't wear it as much as my J12 because I am afraid of it scratching.

  5. I'd go for the new 06, the first one in your pics.
  6. Although, I would normally say go for new. You mentioned that YOU like the used one better stylewise whereas the new one is your dh's choice. You are the one that is going to be wearing it so I would choose the one you like best.
  7. I prefer the used one. Esthetics wise.
  8. #8 Sep 25, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2012
    I agree that you should get a watch with the newer ("super Jubilee") bracelet, absolutely, without question.

    $5450 for a 2006 26mm is high, probably about what it retailed for 6 years ago. You should be able to get one several years newer (new unsold stock) for the same price. I recommend you buy new, and the dial you like, even if it means shopping around different authorized dealers.

    At the price level of thousands of dollars, compromising on the build quality (old bracelet) or dial choice just sounds like a false economy.
  9. I would continue to search, you should be able to negotiate a 15-30% discount on a current watch especially if you pay cash.
    From an authorized dealer that is.
  10. If its an Authorized dealer in the US, they cannot discount at all, Rolex is very strict on it And they can lose the line of they are caught!! Some do, but it's the risk they take.
  11. Indeed, but with enough searching you can normally find one that discounts when purchasing with cash. At least that is my personal experience in NewYork and the rest of Canada.
  12. I've already asked my ad and he said most he can do on stainless steel is 7%. They are a lot more strict now with discounts.
  13. I would choose the best when I will buy Rolex, maybe it cost but always worth it.
  14. Like the second but have no expertise on the value of each.
  15. Something else to note, you can easily have the dial changed for a nominal fee. :smile: