Rockstud clutch, should I?

  1. Red!!!!

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  2. I've searched all the websites for this clutch.. where are you seeing that its back?

    btw.. RED ftw!!!
  3. It's not available online yet I don't think. But the boutiques have it.
  4. okay gotcha! Ya i went to my Valentino store and they didn't have it yet (they said in a month there gonna have the black, nude, leopard). Saks had it only in black and nude. I really like the light pink almost nude color!
  5. i saw the black and rose pink on farfetch, i think they are sold out now.
    and also net-a-porter have black and dark red.

    but farfetch's price works out better than NAP, so i'm hoping farfetch will have more up later on that i can buy from.... i've been waiting n waiting n waiting.... :cool:
    we don't have a V boutique here in sydney, i can only drool over the internet unfortunately..
  6. If you want I can give you name SA in Nordstrom. They do ship internationally.
    Lee Harrison
    Designer handbags
    Cell. 917 620. 23.72
    They will have red soon.
  7. Ya, I totally want the rose gold color on Farfetch!
  8. they are all beautiful! did it ever come in yellow?
  9. thank you marina, i'll keep this in mind as an option.
  10. Yup, I also want one in red and the oversize is wayyyyyy too big.
  11. Anybody knows where I can get the Leopard Rockstud clutch?
  12. I contemplating getting the camouflage clutch, I just love it!