Rockstud clutch, should I?

  1. so I've been eyeing on the rockstud clutch for sometime now, and when i thought i missed out on them from the past seasons, even a recent trip in a boutique, the SA told me they are not coming back anytime soon, obviously i asked the wrong person, they are back! i see black, red? pink nude?

    now that they are easily reachable, i'm starting to wonder whether i should get it? is it practicle? how much can i put in it? and what colour should i get?...

    can i ask you lovely ladies for some feebacks? any pics of your clutch in action?
    if i'm correct, the new clutch is only in one size which would be the medium size of the older season? and the other difference i can spot is the valentino logo?

    any thoughts and feedbacks are appreciated :smile:
  2. I love the rock stud clutch!!!! I say go for it!!!! I just purchased an oversized Prada clutch on sale and plan on using often even though I have two little ones!!! Lol
    I feel the past few season the oversized clutch is the "it" bag!!!!
    Good luck!
  3. I like a look of oversize clutch, but I have one python oversize clutch and do not use at all because it is not practical to hold in your hands for a long time.
    So, I like a look, but not a practicality.
    It is up to you. May be you should get and try at home to see if you really like. I try to buy my stuff in Nordstrom because of their great return policy.
  4. Oh man marina... Don't say that... The Prada clutch I have been lusting over is on its way to me....
  5. Do not go by me. Remember, I am clumsy with defected shoulders and can not have 360 sequin bag:p:p
    You will love your oversize clutch and use all the time. Look at LL, she uses her all the time!
  6. T if it makes you feel better, I have both V oversized clutches, the big one and the really big one. I love the big one, and the XL one a little less. I find them pretty easy to use.
  7. Yes the medium size one is the one coming back. I have both sizes. You can look in the valentino thread with outfits to see a few of me with them ;)
  8. cool, thanks for the feedback and support ladies...
    i think i'm going to get it...
    and LL, thanks, i'll go look for your pics :p

    now the next problem, colour! red or pink? i'm not near any V boutique here, i can only order them online, and i'm not sure how close are the colours showing online...
    LL, do you know if the new ones have same colours as past seasons?
  9. I have seen black, red, and leopard. I would go with red personally it's THE Valentino color :smile:
  10. i like the red, but just the colour showing on NAP seem very dark, is it how it is in real life? or is it the same as this one here?
    valentino rockstud clutch.jpg
  11. Honestly I can't remember. You should email Calvin at the V boutique in GA. He responds very quickly.
  12. def get red!!!!
  13. I don't have a Rockstud Clutch, but I do have a Draped Bow clutch and I use it as a daytime clutch and looks beautiful. I love clutches for daytime, it's such a sophisticated look. I'd go with the red one.
  14. I love red and saw a patent bow red in store. Color is TDF! I will get one in red for sure! I will order one in Nordstrom. Medium size will be perfect for me!
    I will try to see them in a real life and let you know.
  15. Thank you marina, let me know if you do happen to see them in person... :smile:
    Meanwhile, I'll let my credit card have a little break hehe