RM Explosion in Traveler's closet!

  1. Great collection! Do you have a favorite or a few favorites?
  2. ;) Will wait for your list!
  3. Thank you doi! Just lemme know when! :smile:

    Thank you tastangan! So hard to choose... :thinking:Ok, here are my top 5:
    1) Wine mattie
    2) Black MAB with blue zipper track
    3) PH Zip MAM
    4) Emerald MAB
    5) Cheetah MAM


  4. Very happy to hear you are enjoying them.....they really are very pretty bags that needed to belong to someone who not only :heart:LOVED:heart: them but also USED them !!!!

    Your SIL has GREAT taste ;)
  5. What a gorgeous RM collection! Congrats...each is so pretty and well thought out!
  6. Thank you HGG! I am a sucker for one-of-a-kind pieces :p I love texture and color, too!

  7. I LOVE your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the variety and colors in your collection. You found SOOO many HG bags in such a short time, it's amazing. I admire your shopping prowess. :queen:

    I was wondering how many trips you made back & forth to your bag corner... I'm glad to hear you had an assistant for the photo shoot !!

    Btw--We have only ONE bag in common (Wine Mattie). It's amazing that in all of our time bag hoarding and reckless purchasing, that we end up with only ONE of the same. Like we always say....too bad we dont live near one another, bc we could have some serious swapping going on!
  8. You are TOO FUNNY!! :ghi5: Welcome back. 2 RM bags in 2 days !?! Awesome!

    I saw the PH Zip bag on Bonanza, but I wasnt sure who was looking for one so I didn't message anyone. I'm glad you found it! That leather is AWESOME!! I have only the MAC version.
  9. :nuts: OMG Travelers, your collection is amazing! My fav is the Charcoal Patent (maybe by posting this, one will magically pop up like it did for Cee :giggles:smile: and I also love the black haze, but of course they are ALL gorgeous! :woohoo:
  10. wow! your collection is absolutely stunning! the colors are so beautiful! i still wish for emerald & purple haze mam. i love the black haze zip mam too! gorgeous!
  11. Omg! Such a fabulous diverse collection!
  12. AWESOME!!!! I LOVE your Charcoal patent the best, and that Almond Mattie is too damn sweet lookiing. Seriously, love it all.

    I kept saying to myself, "when did she get a yellow MAM?" lol, turned out it was the Glazed Olive...sweeeet!!! A hot, little chameleon you got there!

    Excellent pieces...Good for you, girl!
  13. Thank you Robinn!
    I'd be RM content, I think, once I get my hands on a DT Zip MAB :amuse:
    LOL, My dear brother and SIL helped me out... we put every thing that can fit in to a a huge laundry bag of some sort and carried the rest all in one go! My brother is a giant of a man and carried 2/3 of the lot! lol! SIL helped me out in with the dust bags and :smile:

    Yeah! It's amazing that we're twins only with the wine Mattie! and I'm in love with each of your RM!

    Hey Denverite! Thanks :smile: Let's summon one to appear! I'd keep my eyes open for you!

    Thank you beachgirl! I can't believe myself that I have those pieces!

    Thank you MissRed! I wish to be plum MAB twins with you someday! The one in Bonz already got sold so quickly!

    Hey disco! The Charcoal patent is one-of-a-kind! Never thought it was possible for patent to smoosh! lol. Oh, Almond Mattie was one of those that sparked this passion to collect RMs! And I love the history behind that Almond Mattie - it passed through the hands of 2 of the best Minkettes ever!

    Yeah, that Glazed Olive is such a chameleon! I'm also amazed that I see it matching a lot of stuff in my wardrobe! A great neutral! But as you said, gone are the days of mix-matching *two snaps*! I join you in saying, "Wear what you like when you feel like it!" Heck yeah!

  14. thanks robinn!! i took a brief detour the past couple months, but i never went astray!! i always kept looking even though i didn't buy!! :lol: and yes, a double whammy in 2 days haha - it's usually that way with RM... the obsession comes in waves! u have many lovely RM's i totally forgot u have a PH MAC! :ghi5: i'm beyond excited (giddy even) for zip MAM, i'm a tad anxious about mustard croc MAMM though.... it's such a cute little thing, but we'll see if i can pull it off! btw, as u can see, i'm not so possessive of my RM's the way i used to be in the beginning.... i couldn't bring myself to letting ANY of them go, but i've learned that there are so many i want that it's okay to switch them out and it's kinda cool to have an ever revolving/evolving collection like so many minkettes on here :biggrin:
  15. LOVE your collection!!!:biggrin:

    Can't wait to see the black MAM with the Iguana trim. It didn't get a lot of attention when it came out a few years back. I think it's adorable!
    Glazed Olive is great! Have you looked at the Glazed Burgundy sister MAM? It's the same great glazed leather.
    I know you have a great time deciding which bag to use everyday!