Rings on all fingers....

  1. I even double and triple stack on some fingers... so yeah.. I do tons of rings.
  2. Got any pictures you can show lolitakali? I would love to see them :smile:
  3. Id love to see some pictures, if anyone has any.

  4. Wow i love your ring!
    Here's mine This pics make me a friend.. Sorry but i'm italian :sweatdrop:

  5. I LOVE rings......but i only wear one on my right hand ring finger and switch it daily!
  6. I usually wear my wedding band and e-ring on my right hand,and four rings on my left hand,but all on a finger.
  7. Ringgirl: I wish I'd seen this thread earlier. I can definitely relate. I'm a guy, and what turns me on is a hand full of sterling silver band type rings (or other shapes in sterling silver and not having any gemstones in them) of different sizes. I was able to get an ex-girlfriend to do this for me in private from time to time, but could never get her to go out in public that way. Actually, in some ways I kind of liked her doing it in private. But I wish I could find a woman who would some of the time wear that many rings. So i guess i have a fetish in that area but never thought of it that way. Of course the hands have to be attractive to start with, or otherwise I don't find a hand full of rings attractive to look at.
  8. I've only just now gotten into this ring phase. I tried to wear 2 rings on one finger but it looked too odd to me.. :sad:

    I stick to 1 ring on my wedding finger (couple ring) and another ring on my other hand ("wedding finger" but on the right hand) that is my promise ring. ^^;
  9. It depends on my mood. Today I'm wearing sapphire/diamond ring on right hand, Bernard Passman on middle finger left hand, stacked Tiffany yellow and rose gold mesh on index finger left hand.
  10. I would love a guy with a ring fetish! My ex bf had a heel fetish and bought me high heels, Now I need the jewelry fetish, I wouldnt mind a guy with a bag fetish either......hmmm so many of you guys are first time posters about your fetish. Have you been lurking in the jewelry forum and looking at pics?
  11. sjunky13 - No, haven't been lurking, just blundered into this completely by accident. Well, would like to find someone like you who wouldn't mind a guy with a ring fetish. High heels don't sound so bad either, for that matter. As far as more than one ring on a finger, i got my ex girlfriend to stack 3 thin sterling silver band style rings on her middle finger, and liked how that looked. Anyway, glad to see there's still some activity here - I thought I had missed it all judging from the date of the last post! So do you wear lots of rings currently or just would do it if someone you were dating asked you to?
  12. i love a lot of rings, toe rings too. i love the feel of them on my fingers, i sometimes like a few stacked on my middle finger, have been wearing a few on my right hand, nothing wrong with liking that va guy, now you need a girl to buy jewelry for. hehe
  13. sjunky, if only I wasn't happily married, you sound like a dream to those of us with a jewellery fetish. I would happily keep you dripping in gold, silver or whatever!!!!!!
  14. I have four rings (diamond and ruby) that I absolutely love and adore. I have other rings, but those are my favorite. I can't wear more than one on each hand though. Because they have so many diamonds, it just looks a bit gaudy for me.
  15. sjunky13 - Glad to hear you like stacking rings on your middle finger. I think that is a really great look. Yes, I need to find someone to fill up her hands with a bunch of sterling silver rings! Too many gold rings with gemstones, I'm not so sure about that - but I like the look of a lot of sterling silver rings.