Rings on all fingers....

  1. Hello Everyone.
    Just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation.
    Normally I have been wearing 5 - 6 rings.
    Shortly after I met my fiance, he started buying me rings. White gold and silver rings. Every time I looked at a ring, he would buy it for me. Even without me asking..?:smile:
    Over the last 3 years he has bought around 20 rings, and I would always wear one on each finger. Just switch them around a little. When we got engaged, I started wearing 5 or 6 rings on my right hand on only my engagement ring on my left hand to make it stand out more. He then asked me to wear my other rings as well, so now I am back to wearing 10 - 11 rings again. Is there such a thing as a "ring fetish" ? If so, I guess he has one.
    Anyone else in the same situation ?
    I will try to post pictures of my rings. Pleas post if you also wear rings on all fingers.:smile:
  2. YES there is a such thing as a ring fetish! Let me tell you about my Aunt Louise, or "Nanny" as we call her, my Dad's oldest sister.

    She and I are very alike in our love for rings...the woman wears 5 rings on every finger...let me say that last part again...ON EVERY FINGER...thumbs included. Sometimes I've seen up to as many as 8 on one finger....let me see if I have a picture......ok, no picture...but yeah. She has a ring fetish. We all buy her a ring for Christmas and she switches out her rings....get this, I'm 18 years old, been around Nanny all my life.....I've never seen her fingers....EVER! They're all covered in rings!!!
  3. Wow...I'd love to see a picture of that! I'm very ring-shy...it still feels very weird wearing my e-ring. I've been going through a dilemma of potentially wearing my e-ring on my right hand when I get married (since I would need to get a curve band to sit flush next to it), thinking that's too many rings! So, I totally have the opposite problem!
  4. ^ITA

    I am more of a 'minimalist' when it comes to rings.

    Just my e-ring :smile:
  5. I wear tons of rings. My collection probably has more than 200 rings in it.

    At any one time I have a MIN. of 4 rings and sometimes I have one on every finger :p.

    Rings are my thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't feel bad, you're not alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup::drool::smile::yes::p:yahoo:
  6. I wear about 2 or 3 at a time.

    I wear one on my left hand which is my middle ring and then on my right the index and the marriage finger.
  7. I wear my wedding set on my left hand and 1 right hand ring on my ring finger on my right hand (I have a few of these and I switch them out) Thats it!
  8. TOO funny!!!

    I generally only wear one ring on each hand because I can't stand the feeling of a ring next to a ring - so I wear a wedding ring on my left hand finger and then one ring on one finger of my right hand.

    A "Ring fettish" That's so funny!
  9. I wear only my wedding set on the left, and one ring on my right hand's ring finger. I switch the ring up on my right hand but that's it. I had a customer that wore at least 18 rings. She wore one on every finger and thumb, and one at the knuckle of every finger. Now that's a serious fetish! LOL
  10. Casto! Here I have been starting whole threads calling you out!

    Where you been?
  11. I'm more of a two rings per hand girl myself.

  12. which fingers do you normally wear them on? I would wear more sometimes but i dont know which finger :confused1:
  13. I love love love rings! I wear the chunky ones with large gemstones too! :tup:
  14. I love rings and end up buying rings more than anything, however I hate that feeling of a ring next to a ring, so I tend just to wear one on my right hand. It only fits my middle finger, so I don't want a ring either side of it, and I'm not to keen on thumb or little finger rings so thats my whole right hand gone with one ring!
  15. I love rings. I have a lot but I only usually do 2 left (technically 3) & 1 right.
    I have my wedding set & a plain white gold thumb ring which I never take off on left & then I change what's on my right from day to day - but just do 1. I hate the ring next to another ring feeling as well.