Rings on all fingers....

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  1. ^you are one pimpin' man! :smile:

    The rings are beautiful but do you seriously wear all those watches at the same time? I've never seen so many watches worn all together.
  2. Nice watches are nice pieces of jewellery, so I like to wear 2 or 3, maybe 4! You should try to wear a few with your beautiful rings.....
  3. jewelleryfan: you certainly rock your style! you should post regularly when you switch it up:biggrin:

    i'm pretty boring with my jewellery and watches. I wear what is my favorite at that time. I just bought a carolina bucci bracelet and I took off all my other bracelets including my love bracelet so I could enjoy my new one on it's own :giggles:
    and my watch comes off right when I leave work, I've never enjoyed wearing one!
  4. Toe rings..:wtf::shocked:

  5. Why the pirate look?
    Oh well.....by many people's standards I am sure I would be considered quite boring!!!
  6. lol. Unfortunately, I started enjoying not wearing any watch (no tan lines, yay)... And I own a bunch of watches! ;) I usually just look at my BlackBerry to check on the time.

    I do love your pic though! Thanks for sharing.
  7. In Hawaii, toe rings are the in-thing. Haha! I remember pictures of Jennifer Aniston sporting those things before she married Brad Pitt.
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  9. I will. Last night I went shopping and got myself 2 new watches taking the total I was wearing to 6 making it a fun night out with lots of staring and comments......I truly enjoy wearing as much jewellery as possible.......

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  10. ^ why not wear less watches and more bracelets? I guess I don't understand the need to wear tonnes of watches?:confused1:

  11. Honestly I would have been one of those people. But I would go one step further and ask you for the time. ;) Hopefully you are never late for appointments! You could receive some countless amount of jokes there if you know what I mean. :biggrin:

    But if someone is late, I bet you can turn things around and point to all your watches and tell him/her to buy one. Haha

    We should have a new thread: "watches+watches+watches" Or "watches on both arms"
  12. Cool, lets start one.:cool: .....But how do we do that ?:confused1::confused1:
  13. Its a matter of taste.....Many reasons....I love watches, so why not wear some in stead of keeping them at home as many do..... I like the bulkiness of some of them.....they make you stand out.....They are in fact bracelets themselves.....
  14. I currently just wear one celtic design gold ring on my baby finger, but I'm planning on starting to wear more :smile:
    I love the look of many rings, I think it's so interesting to look at and I always wonder the stories behind the rings!
  15. Starving for attention, perhaps?
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