Rings on all fingers....

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  1. If that's what you like, I don't see anything wrong or weird about it. Whatever makes you feel good, go for it.
  2. This weekend I am wearing more than 50 pieces of jewellery......
    What do you think ????

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  3. WOW - would like to be such courageous:woohoo:
  4. Ring fetish? Oh, yes.

    My grandmother wore several rings on every finger besides her thumb, day in and day out, and rarely ever took them off (except when kneading dough or mixing meatloaf in the kitchen with her bare hands!). Every time she shopped for jewelry, it was always at the ring case! She wore the same earrings and necklace for thirty years, but the rings kept multiplying!

    One of my fondest childhood memories was that my grandmother used to pat her knee while rocking in the rocking chair, and all of those rings on her fingers made a pretty 'clinking' sound as she rocked and hummed to herself.

    So... Yes! I'm sure there IS such thing as a ring fetish, or a very strong love of rings. And I don't see anything wrong with it! As long as the bills are paid and you're not hurting anyone... Wear as many rings as you (or your partner) like!
  5. Need more diamonds!!!
  6. Yuck
  7. On the one hand, to each his own; on the other hand, people will make certain negative assumptions about taste level etc. based on a display like this. As long is one isn't going into debt and not in situations where it would be a serious drawback--like a date, or a professional interview--go for it.
  8. I wonder where you might wear that?
  9. Totally agreed. Eventhough I cannnot see me in this, it's totally personal taste
  10. When I go out - and at home....Love it....
  11. I'm sure there is something called a ring fetish but don't really see anything wrong with that! All these terms are rather useless imo - if you like and you're not harming anyone (including yourself), then why not?

    It's all a matter of taste and I think it's important to dress for yourself rather than according to other people's opinions. Exceptions = job interviews.etc, which I think falls under harming yourself, since you'd be sabotaging your own chances then!

    Personally, I'm more low maintenance and am frankly too lazy to put on all those rings. Plus I don't want to scratch up the interior of my gloves in winter - warm hands are more important to me!
  12. i also love to wear rings in my every finger.. So, I would like to see those pics..

    I love rings.. and also can say that rings loves me..
  13. More than 50 pieces of jewellery.....Love it so much....

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  14. I wear stacked bracelets and rings on most of my fingers (a mix of gold and silver).

    Jewelleryfan - definitely a show stopper and head turner! :loveeyes: You are quite unique!
  15. Would love to see some pictures of you with all your stacked bracelets and rings
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