Ribboned hairband is far too cute?

  1. This what I remember from the current season:

    Black (2 widths with bow ribbon)
    Black (thinner width with Gianco buckle)
    Black (thinner width with crystal embellished Gianco buckle)

    Red (2 widths with bow ribbon)

    Pale pink (2 widths with bow ribbon)

    From last year:

    Pale yellow

    Black is always in season. I was told that the head bands never go on sale.

    My DH loves head bands on me. He thinks that they are demure yet sexy.
    I used to think that I look weird with head bands but with shoulder length hair, they look great (at least on me....lol)

    I can't resist them. Everytime, I visit the boutique, I end up buying a couple. LOL!
  2. I find the hair articles from SF very hard to get, I always ask about them when I pass by a boutique, but only rarely they are in stock.
  3. Wow there are so many out in the US!! I wish we had a wider selection here!

    Thank you so much for all your help linpaddy :smile: I really appreciate all the information and it has been super helpful!

    Another quick question on these (sorry to the OP for hijacking this thread >.<)! Do the bow ones always come with the silver... strip? in the middle, like that of the picture on page 1 of this thread? When referring to embellishment with the Gianco buckle, is/can that also be with a bow? Or is it just with the buckle alone?

    I am so jealous that you have several of these- they are gorgeous and I can see ladies of all ages wearing them tbh!! They're classics! Would love to see more pictures of any that you girls have hehe :smile:
  4. Dang they went up $10 in a yr..wow lol. Bought it last yr at Mall at Millenia boutique. I love mine but have yet to wear it...lol.
  5. The hair bands are available with both gold and silver hardware.
    Gianco buckle is also on a bow.

    I'll try to take a picture later. The bands are a lot of fun and represent an elegant solution to keeping hair off your face!
  6. Same here..DeeDeeDelovely, I've yet to debut mine!
    Maybe someone should post some modelling pics here to inspire us? LOL
  7. ^^yes...we need it lol
  8. does anyone know why they don't sell the hairbands online?? I really wish they would!
  9. This thread is so old I don't know if anyone's watching it. Are headbands sold in the U.S. now? A few years ago I was guilty of buying every one that came up on eBay. I need knew ones now that I've switched from gold hardware.
  10. Where do you buy them?
  11. I was just at the new Bellevue, WA boutique. They had the small grosgrain ribbon bow in black with silver for $80. They also had a black leather with leather rosette for $150.
  12. Would you happen to remember if this was the thick or thin version? :smile:
  13. Dumbie dumb dumb, I just found out that NYC still carries them. I could swear they stopped in the early 2000's and I've been (ick) wearing the same ones all these years. Thank you so much!
  14. Hi peeps,

    What do you think of Ferragamo headbands? The ones with the side ribbons.Arent they pretty? Is it a worthy buy?
  15. I have one...bought a few years back. they're very pretty but it can get pretty painful after wearing it for a few hours.