Ribboned hairband is far too cute?

  1. I've been thinking of getting the classic ribbon design hairband but I'm a little concern it may look like I'm trying too hard to look cute since I am no longer a teen nor in my early 20s.

    Do you think an adult is gonna look disgustingly cute with the hairband?:smile:
  2. I would'nt think you're trying to hard at all..! I love those hairbands btw!
  3. I thought Ferragamo stopped making those????
  4. Have they stopped making it? I just got a call to say the new stocks have arrived! I told the lady I'd pick it up;) I've decided to get it. If it looks too cute on me..I'd give it to my daughter (if I have any next time)??
  5. I have the black one and I loved it!!
  6. I bought the thinner hairband (there's a thicker version)...so the ribbon is actually pretty subtle.


    I'm loving it!:biggrin:
  7. Gorgeous hairband! Congrats.
  8. That is too cute! My friend's mother has a great vintage one... I started to just get back into headbands, too!
  9. I kinda wish they sold the headbands online-just to see the pics.
    does anyone know what colors they have this time round? and the width?
  10. I love it..how much is it?
  11. That's such a cute hairband!
  12. Thanks shpaholic,purse crzy, coldsteel =)

    Hi, I didn't buy it in US. But after conversion, it's roughly about USD87 I suppose..:smile: Thicker version should be about US$107.
  13. I've only seen it in dark brown and black...I didn't enquire about other colours.
  14. It is pretty cute. I'm too old to pull it off, but if there was a 3.5" barrette, I'd love that.
  15. Honestly, I think I am too old too. But this is too cute to pass up and I have decided to "give it a try":smile: