1. Anyone interested for a reveal??😊 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378026107.192551.jpg
  2. I got her last week..just got a chance to do a reveal...
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378029223.350625.jpg
    Soho medium tote in Red!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1378029302.933911.jpg
  5. The bag and the color is gorgeous! :greengrin:
  6. Gorgeous both the flats and the soho bag and they look like a perfect match!
  7. The bag and shoes are gorgeous!!!
  8. Thanks! Congrats to your new Soho too. How do u find the double chains? It doesn't stay well on my shoulder!😔Is it just me? I went for shopping with her yesterday and kind of annoyed with the practicality of those chains..but they're too gorgeous..i might just accept it as it is.
  9. Thanks everyone! I got the flats first and it really inspires me to go for the red Soho! They're gorgeous red in person!😉
  10. Omg! Such a gorgeous red! I love..... Congrats
  11. Congrats....enjoy your items and use them in good health...
  12. Welcome to the soho tote club!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! Congrats and enjoy her!
  13. Both are gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Thanks everyone!😊