Reveal - Toile De Jouy Clutch

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  1. #1 Dec 24, 2018
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    I went to Dior today with the intention to get a wallet as christmas present for myself.

    Lucky for me, I saw the Toile De Jouy Clutch and asked my SA to let me try it on. I love this print series alot. By far my top favourite, after following Dior for so many years. Hub approved this clutch and so I happily call it my own!

    This clutch has a removable card slot case and pouch. So useful! It has the usual Dior charm and a chain. I can sling or wear cross body

    Too beautiful. Just like a piece of beautiful romantic art.

    Pics below! IMG_20181224_214108.jpg IMG_20181224_214047.jpg IMG_20181224_213948.jpg IMG_20181224_213934.jpg IMG_20181224_213925.jpg IMG_20181224_213839.jpg IMG_20181224_213849.jpg IMG_20181224_213516-01.jpeg 20181224_190358-01.jpeg
  2. Beautiful
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  3. It’s gorgeous! Congrats.
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  4. Thanks cpdoll!
  5. Congrats! Such a beautiful piece :heart:
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  6. Such a stunning piece. Enjoy!
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  7. Artistic work
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  8. Thank you, AngelYuki!
  9. Thank you leechiyong!
    I can't wait to take her out!
  10. Thanks bagidiotic!
  11. It's stunning! Congratulations!
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  12. Thank you, averagejoe!
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  13. I love this so much. I saw a similar one but with the monkey on the front. I like the Lion and snake a lot more and haven't seen this in the clutch anywhere! (I've looked!) Just the wallet. Does this also have the signature Lady Dior charm with it? I don't see it in the picture. Congratulations on your beautiful bag!
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  14. It's beautiful! I love the print!
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  15. Hey dear. Sorry for the delay in reply. It does come with the charms. I bought the only one from my boutique. Seems that they are in limited quantities. IMG_20181224_213913.jpg
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