Reveal - Toile De Jouy Clutch

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  1. Here's me out with my bag 20190105_205703.jpg
  2. So gorgeous! Thank you for the extra pictures :smile:
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  3. Gorgeous piece .. you can treasure it forever.
    Does it come with chain ?
  4. Yes it does. :smile:

  5. Gorgeous piece!! I actually just found one as well. It’s being shipped to me so I haven’t seen it in person. May I ask what all you can fit in it? And are you still enjoying it? Thanks!!
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  6. Wow! that's really gorgeous. It's like carrying a piece of art. Great choice
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  7. Hi! You can put in your mobile phone, lipstick and other small items. I usually just use the detachable card slots and put in my phone. Still loving it!
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  8. very beautiful piece! The blue print makes it look so refreshing and unique...congrats
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  9. Wonderful!! Thank you
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