Reveal purchase from Naughti...

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I bought this one from Shian ( oh she is so lovely!) at Naughtipidinsnest a short while ago and have not done her reveal yet, so she is sitting sulking in her bag and would really love to come out now.
    Would you like to guess what I bought ths time? I'll give you a clue, it is not a classic color , and it not like the ones that I usally go for...!
  2. I'm here! I love Shian too- she's soooo lovely!

    Edit: Alexa??
  3. I'm here
  4. Ok lets go on with it! New2Mulbs -good guess! How did you manage that one! well done!
    lexy2 (2).JPG
  5. Hahaha just took a guess with the size!
  6. I'm here!!!!
  7. It looks like a lovely Alexa to me as well.
  8. Sorry for guessing too early baginuse!
  9. Yes a Lexy it is ! Well done!
  10. Conker??
  11. No sure about the colour conker maybe.
  12. Nah, not conker, but a good guess. I tried to trick you there a bit. :biggrin:
    Here she comes : Regular Alexa in Plum Bengal Tiger Haircalf! Not my usual colors as you can see but I think she will look fab during the winter! And I'm who did not even like haircalf has changed my mind about it. She is so divine to stroke!
  13. Gorgeous
  14. Fab bag, congrats on your tiger Alexa :smile:
  15. Some more pics
    lexy6.JPG lexy8.JPG lexy9.JPG